E-PD: Flexible Fluorine (PVDF) Resin Tubing Clear



Material Structure

Applicable Fluid

Feature of Product

  • Chemical

  • Ink

  • Food

  • Beverage

  • Cosmetic

  • Alcohol

  • Oil

  • Water

  • Powder

  • Non-PVC

  • Non-Adhesiveness

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Gas Barrier

  • Low Elution

  • Food-Sanitation

  • Flexibility

  • Oil Proof

  • Alcohol Resistance

  • Cold Resistance

Characteristic and Function

  • Flexibility: Due to the laminated structure, compared with the conventional single-layer fluorine tubing, E-PD is superior in flexibility. This improves your work efficiency.

  • Gas Barrier: The inner layer of fluorine (PVDF) has a higher level of gas barrier property, which is suitable for the fluid with high volatility

  • Food Sanitation Law Certified: E-PD confirms to the Food Sanitation Standard No.370 (The Ministry of Health and Welfare for Food Sanitation, No.370, 1959). (Conformity to N-Heptane).

Technical Data

E-PD Eng.png

Related Information with E-PD

Suitable Fitting with E-PD


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Analysis and Testing Report


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Food Sanitation Certificate


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Chemical Resistance Data Reference


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Video Credit:

Company: Hakko Corporation

Territory: Japan

URL: https://hakko-eightron.com/product/e-pd/

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