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High-Speed Rotary Bell Atomiser

Another story of Electrostatic Gun


This is an evolution of the paint spray work to be more perfect than the ordinary spraying that usually gives the curtain an ellipse, but for a rotary spray gun, the spray pattern will come out in a circle shape. It covers more space of spraying area and also has high speed spraying and reduce material and duration of work.


When combined with electrostatic technology, it combines the advantages of material cost-saving and high speed spraying to help ensure quality and efficiency in operation.

The operating of Rotary atomizer

Rotary atomizer consist of 2 are following below;

1. Air pressure and high-speed rotation make the spray pattern more effective and cover the surface on workpiece than other type ofspray guns. For details on spray painting, see the link below.

2. Rotary bell atomizer can create the high voltage as like as other type of electrostatic gun in order to build electric filed the as the road between electrostatic spray gun and work piece. Electric field will be exist from a charged object to an oppositely charged object and a grounded object. That’s why work pieces are required to attach with ground. You may see more details of electrostatic in below link;

Example of wrap around effect by rotary bell atomizer

1. Paint Particle

2. Rotational Force at distributor

3. Workpiece with ground

Select the type of rotary bell atomizer gun



The high speed rotary atomizer Evobell 3500 crate a new standard of every spray gun type which focus on surface coating quality, material saving, consistent spray quality and simply service maintenance. 



Top Finish Robot Bell is the electrostatic spray gun for both water-based and solvent-based paints. Providing the best spraying performance for both small size and large size. It is versatile to apply with many type of industry.

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