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Accessories of Selleys S21

Accessories item for S21 Spray Pack

Equipment in Selley S21 Spray Pack

Airless High Pressure Manual Spray Gun S09

  • Available for high pressure spray which is not more than 200 Bar

  • 1 Finger slide lock: Stop and resume work again with the press of a finger

  • Spray Tip Nozzle Holder: This reduces air turbulences and guarantees a perfect spray pattern.

  • Integrated tool: For easy filter change.

High Pressure Airless Spray Gun S09

Standard High Pressure Nozzle 517

  • S09 spray gun include standard nozzle 517 (Paint Angle at 50 and nozzle size is 0.017 inches.

  • ​Nozzle 517 is the medium size for solvent-based and water-based paint.

  • You can change the nozzle size by using the same standard nozzle.

Standard High Pressure Nozzle Tip

Selleys Hose_edited.jpg

High Pressure Hose

  • High pressure hose is available for pressure not more than 230 bar.

  • 6mm diameter and 15M length.

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