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Compact high Pressure Airless Spray Pack

For Contractor

Spraying equipment for Contractor

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HP Airless Spray Gun

With S09 Airless spray gun, Light weight and ergonomic handle with a long useful life.

Main device

As the compact size, it is comfortable when you move it for transportation but providing the high pressure feeding paint which is applicable for contractor.

Simply Maintenance

It is designed in order to make service maintenance more simply and less complex.

Paint Hose

High pressure airless hose with diameter 6mm and length 15m.

High Pressure Spray Pack Selleys S21

Using S09 spray gun which is included in spray pack.

Airless Spraying device for everyone

With the co-ordinate between Selleys, the famous brand of chemical product and tools from Australia and Nippon Paint, one of the world largest of paint manufacturer from Japan with experience of paint for building and now they create the spraying equipment by themselves.

Selleys 21 is the first spraying equipment product for demand of high quality airless spraying equipment which is guaranteed by Nippon Paint for ordinary building painting. For example, water-based paint, solvent based paint, plastic paint, acrylic paint and other type of paint under the viscosity level which is not more than nozzle size 0.021 inch.


As the high performance of device which is second to none in market but the price is reasonable, everyone can buy, and the new technology that it support the wear part is more difficult to be depreciated. And then the service maintenance is simply so Selleys S21 is the one of interesting option for contractor.

The product feature and technical data of Selleys S21


Reason of choosing Selleys S21

The price of 1 set is reasonable and everyone can buy it with efficient performance but it is not all reason for Selley S21. You may see more additional details of choosing reason in order to make you feel more confident to buy it without disappoint.

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Technical Data and Components

Selleys S21 is compatible for voltage at 220V in Thailand territory and maximum pressure is 220 Bar. (This is the sufficient pressure for ordinary spraying work). You can see more details of technical data and overall components of spraying unit.


Accessories of S21

You will see more details of S09 Manual Spray Gun, Nozzle and paint hose which is included in Spray pack. 

Back Ground of Selleys.jpeg

Basic Instruction

In order to confirm you that this spaying device is simply using and maintenance. We have basic instruction with picture for using Selleys S21. The operating process is simply even you can use it for D.I.Y. work. You can see more details how is simply to use it.

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