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Service Provided by expert technician with Geniue part

1. Advice and Notification Service

Contact to Call center during working time 8.15 am to 5.00 pm to request the advice about equipment using from expert officer or call technician to check equipment at your site and bring its back to service center or give on site repair service in some case.

In addition, customer can contact via e-mail together with picture of equipment status and explain the damaged detailed as preliminary data.

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2. Repair Service Center

ROM open the service center which conclude keep area for waiting item, standard service tools and expert technician team. Customer can bring WAGNER equipment to ROM by yourself or call technician team to take your WAGNER equipment at site.

In case of ANEST IWATA brand, ROM co-ordinate with ANEST IWATA Southeast Asia in term of after sales service all time.

3. Spare Part and Accessories Sales

ROM distribute the geniue spare part and accessories which have been imported directly from WAGNER and ANEST IWATA. Customer can buy spare part to repair equipment with yourself or buy accessories. For example, paint hose, nozzle extension, nozzle, air pressure gauge, maintenance service kit and etc.

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4. Product Warranty

We guaranteed every WAGNER and ANEST IWATA equipment which purchased from ROM that it depend on each condition. Generally, parts supply, consumable parts will not be included in guarantee condition and equipment damaged by improper using is also not included in guarantee condition.

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