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Technical Data of Selleys S21

Deep Details of Technical Data and Components

Suitable Material for S21 Spray Pack and type of application


Example of surface coating by Selleys S21

Suitable Material for Selleys S21


The requirement of suitable material for S21 must not has viscosity more than 0.021 Inch

  • Dilutable lacquers and paint

  • Coatings containg solvents

  • Dispersions or water-based paint

  • Latex Paints

Scope of Application for Selleys S21


  • Small resident area to middle size apartment

  • Small commercial building to middle commercial building

  • Internal and external painting

  • Furniture project by job order

  • Metal structure of building

  • Wood coating

  • Large size of vehicle such as bus and convoy.

Component of S21 Spray Pack

Components of Selleys S21


  1. Airless High Pressure Manual Spray Gun S-09

  2. High Pressure Hose 6mm, Length 15M

  3. Return Hose

  4. Suction Tube

  5. Frame

  6. Drip Cup

  7. Power Cord

  8. Relief Valve: See 2 positions of valve following right picture

  9. On/Off Switch

  10. Pressure Control Knob

  11. Oil Button

  12. Digital Manometer Indicator

  13. Hydraulic Refill Section

  14. Suction Filter

Type of Relief Valve Position (Pos.8)

Relief Valve: "Prime" Position

For circulation and cleaning

Relief valve - Spraying.png

Relief Valve: "Spray" Position

For Spraying

Technical Data of Selleys S21

S21 Tech ENG.png

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