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ANEST IWATA Compact Spray Gun

For Building Construction Area


Texture Gun, Stucco Gun and Plaster Gun

The compact spray gun of ANEST IWATA from Japan for using in construction area in order to spray texture on wall and roof surface, spray stucco and plaster in small quantity. It can use with standard compressor and air hose to operate in fieldwork.

ANEST IWATA Compact Architectural Spray Gun List

Multipurpose Gun for Architectural Coating MG-6C 

Compact spray gun which use various material such as texture, stucco and tile.


Multipurpose Gun


Texture Gun

Texture Gun MG-1D, MG-2D

Spray gun which is designed for texture and mortar.


Texture Gun


Plaster Gun

Plaster Gun MG-3C

Small Plaster Gun for wall, roof and floor.


Stucco Gun

Stucco Gun MG-4C

Stucco gun for making pattern and decorative on wall.

Using Suggestion:

When painting please turn air hose to the back, so that the hose does not disturb paint. (For multipurpose gun, stucco gun, plaster gun.

Accessories with Compact Architectural Spray Gun

Paint Nozzles for texture and mortar

Paint Nozzles for Tile and Plaster

Air Cap

Paint Nozzles for stucco

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