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TITAN HELIX the PU Foam  Coating Equipment

Helix VR Cover Main.png


The 2 Components PU Coating Equipment from TITAN (Brand under WAGNER group) is created for making insulation job by using foam spraying on surface instead placing PU rubber sheet. It support to make heat insulation faster and more convenient.

PU Foam for heat insulation


PU or Polyurethane has an attribute as solid rubber. It’s sticky and durable so it’s used in various product. For example, beds, insulation for vehicles, ceiling heat insulation and etc.

Currently, PU is sold in liquid form as a substrate material by separate 2 component consist of isocyanate ("Called as A") and polyol ("Called as B") then it will be mixed and then become PU material.

The reason why they call material A and material B because it facilitate to prepare the material before mixing and also help to arrange the position of material container in working area.

Why it must be TITAN Helix?

The essential reason is that when A and B are mixed into PU material, PU foam will be dried in a few time. If bring A and B to mix in external container and fill in bucket then spray out. It will use a lot of time and may waste a lot of PU foam because it will be dried before spray out. It quite different from grouting work that it use a lower quantity and PU foam for grouting is different from coating. It is not compatible with Helix. 

So Helix give the solution by conduct A and B to mix in equipment to avoid dry premature of material. Using 2 hydraulic feeding pump to work independently and feed material A and B to mix in foam spray gun.




Ideal of Helix about PU mixing in foam spray gun

Factory Ceiling

Tank and Vessel

Water Treatment

Is it only foam coating? Can Helix use with other chemical?

Yes, it can. Not only PU foam, there have material which is compatible to use with Helix are following as below;

- PU or Polyurethane

- Epoxy

- Polyspartic

- Polyurea

and Helix can be used following application on below;

- Foam spray at infrastructure of building (wall, ceiling,factory ceiling, underground ceiling, ground)

- Foam spray at outdoor (external wall roof deck dome)

- water treatment

- Water Tank

- Marine Surface

- Bedliner




TITAN HELIX High Pressure


TITAN Helix High pressure series. This is the foam coating equipment with airless high pressure spray system for large area such as oil tank, factory, water tank and etc. We provide only 1 series. Helix VR type because user can adjust the ratio following their demand.

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Helix LP - 1.png

TITAN Helix low Pressure


The alternative solution for contractor who need the budget price for foam coating device. This unit is driven by low pressure. Even the operating is simply and cost of equipment may cheaper than high pressure but the performance is lower and project size requirement is reduced.

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