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Foam Coating with Airless High Pressure

TITAN Helix VR 2.3

Airless High Pressure PU Foam Coating TITAN Helix VR 2.3

Helix VR - 2.png

Unmatched Accuracy

Unrivalled Control

The Perfect choice

A Breakthrough in plural component coatings application and The first integrated electronically controlled dual pump system with features that provide unmatched accuracy and unrivalled control.

Feature and Benefits of TITAN Helix VR 2.3

  • Integrated Electronic Proportioning: Proprietary system synchronizes both pumps to maintain a superior ratio (enable to adjust) accuracy.

  • SureFire Hose Heater: Heats the coating all the way from the block heater to the end of the hose. Additionally, the temperature can be adjusted at the gun where it matter most.

  • SureFire Block Heater: Maximizes surface surface area and dwell time for heater efficiency and maximizes the time in the heater. More time and surface area means more efficient heating.

  • Universal Siphon/Draw: Modular design allows for transfer pump or direct feed.

  • Universal Power Adapter: Plug into shore power, generator or hardwire into a system.

  • Lightweight and compact design: 30% lighter than most comparable equipment.

Operating Structure of TITAN Helix VR 2.3

Helix high Pressure Structure.png
Helix Component Set ENG.png

Control Panel of TITAN Helix VR 2.3

Control Panel.png

The helix VR 2.3 provides unmatched accuracy and heating efficiency. The key features provide balanced pressure, less wasted material and direct heat from the system all the way to the gun. With a user-friendly design - allowing for simple operation and inexpensive maintenance - the VR 2.3 offers better results and increased ROI.

Smart Select Varaiable Ratio Controller

  • Dual pump system allows for dynamic rationing from 1:1 to 1:4 and any ratio in between.

  • Ratio is controlled by non-dosing technology.

  • Superior control can set hard to achieve component ratios to a fraction of whole.

First Electronically Controlled Dual System Proportioner

  • Continual communication between pumps

  • Synchronizes ratio 64 times per motor revolution.

Helix Control Pic.png
Helix Control Panel Spec ENG.png

Material Passage Section

Helix VR - 4.png


Easy Out.png

Fluid Section Position Quad + Packing

  • Self-adjusting packings deliver the best performance every time you spray.

  • Packing isolate the piston from the atmosphere increasing life.

Helix VR - 5.png


Helix VR - 6.png


EasyOut Fluid Section

  • Change fluid section on-site in minutes and reduces downtime to keep you spraying.

Heater Section for Helix VR 2.3


Surefire Heater

Block Heater.png

Surefire Block Heater

Patented High efficiency aluminium mass heater

Heating rod completely isolated from the coating

  • No failure from chemical contact

  • No failure from exposure to air when run dry

  • Change power or repair without opening the system

  • Modular 4 block design

  • Heat with less power

  • Requires a smaller generator than competitors

SureFire Hose Heater

  • Actively controls temperature at the gun

  • Heating element in the hose provides direct heat: Adds heat all the way to the end of the hose

  • True chemical temperature measured at the gun

Wrap around design provides over 30 seconds of dwell time

  • Greater surface area to heat chemical

  • Longer dwell time versus competitive one pass design

  • Internal turbulence increases heat transfer

Position of Block Heater

Main Accessories of Helix VR 2.3

PMC AP2 Spray Gun.png


PU Foam Spray Gun

Product Summary:

This is the most suitable foam spray gun for TITAN Helix V.R. 2.3. TITAN consider and decide intentionally to choose PMC AP2 as the primary foam spray gun. It generate maximum performance to spray foam. This gun is the mixing point between A and B so no need to worry about material will be dry and hard while spraying.

For technical data and further information, please click on below link to see all those of information.

Heat Hose Picture.png


Dual Heated Hose

Product Summary:

The special hose which is designed and built for TITAN Helix VR 2.3. The dual heat hose support to deliver material from main unit to foam spray gun.

For technical data and further information, please click on below link to see all those of information.

TT Transfer pump.png


The Liquid Transfer Pump

Product Summary:

The transfer pump which is used in Helix VR 2.3 system. It transfer material A and B from container to main device.

For technical data and further information, please click on below link to see all those of information.

TITAN Agitator.png

Liquid Agitator

For TITAN Helix VR 2.3 System

Product Summary:

The agitator will make material to be always liquid and does not precipitate in TITAN Helix VR 2.3 system

For technical data and further information, please click on below link to see all those of information.

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