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Helix Dual Heat Hose

Heat Hose Picture.png

Dual Heat Hose

The TITAN Helix Surefire™ Dual Heated Hose Assembly is for use exclusively on the TITAN Helix Plural Component System. The Surefire™ Dual Heated Hose Assembly contains the following elements:

  • “A” (ISO) side fluid hose (marked with red) with internal heating element

  • “B” (Resin) side fluid hose (marked with blue) with internal heating element

  • Air hose to connect the spray gun to the compressed air source

  • Temperature sensor installed approximately 36 inches from the end of each fluid hose

  • “A” and “B” side non-heated whip hoses (1 m length) for increased mobility

  • Foam insulation to prevent heat loss

  • A vecro-secured


Operating of dual heat hose

The spray fluids are heated by the heater block as they are drawn into the Helix Plural Component System. An internal heating element located within each hose maintains the temperature of the spray fluid as it travels to the spray gun.


The temperature of the heating element is determined by the Surefire™ heated hose settings on the Helix Plural Component

System control panel. The temperatures of each fluid component are monitored by sensors located 36 inches from the end of each hose and are displayed on the Helix Plural Component System control panel.


A 1 m length of non-heated “whip” hose is installed on the end of each Surefire™ heated hose for increased mobility.


All components of the Surefire™ heated hose assembly are wrapped in a 5 mm foam insulation to prevent heat loss, and then encased within a velcro-secured shroud that runs the entire length of the hose assembly.

Operating of Dual Heat Hose

Structure of Dual Heat Hose

Heat Hose Structure.png

*Hose and cord lengths not shown to scale in order to present in simply visual

To Spray Gun

To heater block

Helix heat hose spec ENG.png

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