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Powrliner the Marking and Line Striping

Road and Line Marking by Airless Spray


  • Cyllinder and piston rod are tempered with a proprietary heat-treating process that increases pump life up to 150% longer than competitive pumps.

  • Self-adjusting packings prevent over-tightening and help prevent premature wear

  • Foot valve removes easily for faster cleaning and easy maintenance.

  • Reversible inlet and outlets seats have twice the lifespan of ordinary outlet seats and extra large ball valves ensure efficient pump operation and longer unit life.

  • Heavy-duty prime/spray valve ensures consistent, increased flow and faster pump priming.

TITAN Powrliner Series

TITAN offers line stripers that incorporate hydraulic pump technology for heavy-duty use as well as clutch-driven machines that are perfectly for entry level projects.

Hydraulic Pump

TITAN offers multiple Powrliners that incorporate hydraulic pump technology for heavy duty, long-term use on medium, large and giant scale striping projects.


  • Reliable, smooth, slow-storking hydraulic drive greatly extends the operational life of the sprayer.

  • External-hydraulic fluid porting with NEW. upgraded fittings allows for quick troubleshooting and simplified maintenance.

  • SAE o-ring fitting and precision rod alignment ensure maximum pump life.

Mechanical Pump

TITAN's clutch-driven Powrliners are a perfect entry level striper for smaller and medium-sized striping projects.

Durable Fluid Section

  • Patented, one-piece modular pump housing design makes routine service quick and easy - lasts up to 30% longer than competitive line stripers.

  • One-piece, self-adjusting static packings with 5 lip wiper last up to 50% longer: lifetime cylinder warranty means you spray more and worry less.

  • Exclusive fluid section design requires no cylinder; fewer wear parts reduces maintenance cost.

  • Access and clean the ball valves without damaging packings or removing fluid section.

  • Stainless steel rotating ball valves keep debris from sticking to minimize downtime and maximize performance.

  • Reversible inlet and outlet seats last twice as long as standard seats.

Reliable Gas Engine

  • Proven engine technology

  • Quiet Operation

  • Easy Strating

Hydraulic Driven Stripers

The Sprayers of choice

These high-performance, heavy-duty paint sprayers use long-stroke, slow-cycling hydraulic piston technology for economical operation and dependable, long-term line spraying. The sprayers of choice for serious contractors with large-scale contractors.


Smooth, slow-stroking hydraulic drive provides extreme power and reliability.


Cylinder and piston rod are tempered with a proprietary heat-treating process that increase pump life 150% over competitive pump. And self-adjusting packings resist over-tightening and help prevent premature wear.


Designed with convenient and easy to use controls with features like tip holder. 12 V-phone charging port and cup holder. (Phone charger and cup holder are not included in completed set)


Built to pivot and lift, making line adjustments and transportation quick and easy.

Deadlock Handlebars

Easy adjust handlebars on three planes; in and out, up and down and pivot forward or back.

Structure of Line Striping and Marking

Trolley Hand

Suction Tube

High Pressure Paint Hose

45 Litre hopper

Gasoline Engine

Wheel Lock

Spray Gun holder for ground direct

Technical Data and Accessories

Technical Data

Powrliner the Road and Line Marking

Technical Data

Line Striping Tip Table

Accessories of Powrliner Series

For extent the performance

Demonstration Video

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Company: TITAN Tool Inc.

Territory: USA



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