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Spraying both small workpieces and larger surfaces

Top Finish Robot Bell is the electrostatic spray gun for both water-based and solvent-based paints. Providing the best spraying performance for both small size and large size. It is versatile to apply with many type of industry. For example,  automotive part and component industry, metal, plastic and wood. The material part of this gun is robust to comply with many kind of robust work.


  • Giving the coating result with extremely fine atomization.

  • Versatile use with 2 shroud airs by depending on the workpiece requirement both a wide, soft and hard spray pattern.

  • Turbine and all components are made from high quality stainless steel. Simply assembly and maintenance.

Low Operating Costs


Around 20% less air consumption than other comparable products.

Efficient Material Consumption


Depending on the material, flow rate and workpiece, an application efficiency of over 90% cam be achieved.

Optimized Control


Co-Ordinate with Control Unit “RBC 1E”, control automatically the bell speed, control the high voltage, shroud and drive airs. It also control the other process parameters.

Dimension of Top Finish Robot Bell

Flexible Production Processes


It can be replaced the bell head on the high speed rotation atomizer to be automatic air spray gun during production process and also switch back to bell head.

Time Saving


Use a few time for changing paint during production process because there have internal and external automatic flushing of the bell disc which dispose directly the excess material.

Dimension (mm)

Technical Data of Top Finish Robot Bell

Top Finish Robot Bell


  • Interior and Exterior automotive components

  • Agricultural and Construction machine components

  • Plastic components

  • Furniture, window frames

  • Bicycles Frame and Part

  • lenses and mirror

  • Plastic Industry

  • Wood and Metal Industry

  • Toy Industry

  • Paper Coating

  • Cable Manufacturing

Processable Paint Material


  • Solvent-Based 1K/2K

  • Water-Based 1K/2K

  • UV Paint

  • Sol-Gel

  • Micro Corrosion Protection Paint

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