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TWIN CONTROL 35-150/35-70


TWIN CONTROL with Leapard  35-150/ Leopard 35-70

Electronic 2K mixing system 35-150/35-70


2K Mixing system for AirCoat applications up to 270 Bar. Including with flushing pump and fully automatic flushing process. Second color can be installed with extension set.

Processable Materials


  • 2K Water-based primer

  • 2K Solvent-based primer

  • 2K PUR primer

  • 2K PUR paints

  • 2K Epoxy Primer

  • 2K Epoxy Paints (Undercoat and Topcoat)

  • 2K High solid Primer

  • 2K High solid Paints (Undercoat and Topcoat)


Material Wetted Parts


  • Tungsten Carbine

  • Stainless Steel

  • Hard Chrome

  • Packing PE-T/PE-TG

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