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UNICA 4-270


UNICA 4-270

Smallest liquid transfer volume pump

The smallest liquid transfer volume of each diaphragm transfer pump but it can apply to use with 27 bar pressure.

Liquid transfer rate



This pump can provide the flow rate at 120 liters per minute as the larger than pump size but it should be set at 8 liters per minute as the optimal flow rate in order to obtain 30 DS.

Infrastructure of UNICA.png
Structure of UNICA

Processable materials


  • Water-borne and solvent-borne paints

  • Friction-sensitive materials

  • Moisture-sensitive materials

  • Shear-sensitive materials

  • UV cure materials

  • Acrylics, glues and abrasives

Working area


  • Main paint circulation systems

  • Boothsside/satellite paint circulation systems

  • Medium to low viscosity adhesive supply

  • Pumping of shear-sensitive paints

  • Supply of paint and hardener for 2K proportioning system

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