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Liquid Transfer Piston Pump
Evomotion 5-125



Liquid Transfer Piston Pump for 200L Barrel

Low-pressure piston pump, stainless steel, for material feeding up to 40 bar and 7.5 l/min. For suction directly from 200 L drums with bung hole. With scoop piston for viscous material. Ideally suited as feeding pump.

High pumping capacity

Equipped with scoop piston and 2" shaft tube ideal for mounting in 200L drum with bunghole. Also suitable for more viscous materials.

Low Maintenance

The all stainless steel paint stage with high quality and self-adjusting packings reduce wear to a minimum. The air motor is extremely low maintenance and requires no special lubricants.

Liquid Transfer Piston Pump

Component of EvoMotion 5-125

Evo 5-125 Component.png

List of components

1. Air Motor

2. Reversing Valve

3. Silencer

4. Air Inlet

5. Paint Inlet

6. Grounding Connection

7. Mounting Flange

8. Fluid Section

9. Air Pressure Regulator (Option)

10. Ball Valve (Option)

11. Safety Valve (Option)

12. Spacer (Separating Fluid Tank)

13. Paint Outlet

Application of EvoMotion 5-125

Paint Application - ENG.png



Not Suitable

EvoMotion Industry 5-125 - ENG.png



Not Suitable

Example of installation and operation EvoMotion 5-125

How to use evomotion 5-125.png

Position of Application

1. Ball Valve: Position

    Open: working position

    Close: The air motor may still be under pressure.

2. Safety Valve

3. Pressure Regulator

4. Pressure gauge (air inlet pressure)

5. Compressed air inlet

Technical Data of EvoMotion 5-125

Evomotion 5-125 Tech Sheet - ENG.png

Dimension of EvoMotion 5-125

Dimension - Evomotion 5-125.png
Evo 5-125 Dim - ENG.png

Flow Rate of EvoMotion 5-125

Evomotion 5-125 Flow Rate (ENG).png


A: Air Pressure Level at 6 Bar

B: Air Pressure Level at 4.5 Bar

C: Air Pressure Level at 3 Bar

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