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ZIP52 Finishing for painting work

4. Modular

The basic unit can be completed with a variety of mounting options: stand, trolley or wall mounting bracket.

1. High-performance double diaphragm pump

The extremely reliable, durable yet compact design of the pump makes it suitable for manual or automatic as well as multiple gun applications. Special long life diaphragms enable the pump to run at high speeds and attain high performance standards for long periods of time without damage.

2. Easy and comfortable

All control and adjustment elements are positioned on the front control panel for comfortable operation.

3. No pulsation

Pump pulsations are reduced close to zero with the innovative Fine Flow Controller. The FFC regulates the material pressure precisely and constantly. This allows the paint to circulate in the container while spraying to prevent sedimentation.

ZIP52 Finishing for painting work

(Remark: wheel is not included in completed set. It is optional item.)

Accessories with ZIP52

1. Stand, Trolley and Wall mounting


Mounting equipment is available for Zip52 Finishing. Including stand, trolley and wall mounting.

2. Air Spray Gun

Compatible with Walther Pilot Premium Series and Mini Series (Material Connection) and also use both Fine Spray and HVLP. It’s enable to use with medium pressure.

3. Air Hose and Material Hose Set

Selling complete set which include air hose and material hose in the same set. There have various length by start with 7.5 M.

4. Fine Flow Controllers and Anti-Pulsation Tanks

Fine Flow Controllers and Anti-Pulsation Tanks are included in Zip52 Finishing Completed Set.

5. Material Filters


Specially designed material filters are available for premium filter performance and easy, fast changing.

6. Hopper Kit 5 Litre (Attached with pump)

Optional item for customer who has many color changes and small quantities.

Fine Flow Controller

WAGNER Fine Flow Controller (FFC)


This is the material control which includes 3 equipment in 1 set. The following are fluid regulator, material filter and anti-pulsation which guarantees a very precise to deliver material paint and reduce waste of material. It’s unique technology and patented of WAGNER. 

Technical Data of ZIP52 Diaphragm Pump

ZIP52 Finishing for painting work

(Remark: wheel is not included in completed set. It is optional item.)

Technical Data of ZIP52 Eco Perfect Flow

ZIP52 Eco Perfect Flow


Example Applications


    •    Metal protection and finishing

    •    Wood finishing

    •    Plastic finishing

    •    Aerospace industry

    •    Automotive components

    •    Motorcycle parts

    •    Agriculture Equipment

Example of Typical Material

    •    Solvent - and water based material

    •    1K and 2K paint

    •    Primer and Top coat

    •    Low- /medium- / high solid material

    •    Paints and release agent

    •    PU and Epoxy material

    •    Metallic paint

Air Spray Gun to use with ZIP

Manual Gun
Automatic Gun
GM5000 EA


Demonstration Video

Video Credit:


Company: Dersan Makina

Territory: Turkey


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