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Heat Resistant Transfer Styrene Resin hose for heat up to 100 celsius


Product Feature

    - Heat Resistant
    - Food Sanitation
    - Chemical Resistant

Fluid Applicable

    - Chemical
    - Food
    - Beverage

Newest series of HAKKO Transfer hose that it can resist the heat up to 100 celsius. The primary material of hose is styrene and no pvc included so it can be applied for boil water or heat chemical and can replace a silicone hose.

In addition, the material of this hose is identified base on material listed in FDR 21 CFR.

For more details of technical data, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA E-HRT” to see more details of hose size, temperature resistant and testing data.

Related Information of HAKKO E-HRT

The related information of E-HRT include related document of FDA21 CFR and table of chemical resistant.

For those of information, please click at “DETAILS” of each topic to see each of details

CHM. Resistant Table

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

HAKKO E-HRT: Styrene Resin hose for heat resistant

Styrene Resin hose which resist the heat up to 100 celcius. It is compatible for food industry.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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