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Automotive and Vehicle Refinishing Spray Gun

2 World Class Refinishing Spray Gun Brand

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Since 2016 that ROM INTERTRADE distribute automotive refinishing spray gun at the first step of refinishing spray gun business with ANEST IWATA the world class of refinishing spray gun brand. This brand is regular and common use for every type of garage and be the generally accepted standard of refinishing spray gun.

Refer to our experience and be co-ordinated greatly with ANEST IWATA, ROM has a flagship refinishing spray gun as KIWAMI4, the high standard spray gun for general refinishing spray gun and perform the coating capability in many garage or workshop then it become the reliable spray gun for sprayer and create the high coating quality and also separate many of models and price level.

ROM has a new opportunities of selling SATA spray gun. The world class of automotive refinishing spray gun from Germany. This brand is one of the best refinishing spray gun in world under co-operation with SS Advance Tech Co.,Ltd (Primary distributor of SATA for Thailand territory).

As the spray gun performance that it is available for paint material which is the most difficult to be sprayed, the nozzle system “X-nozzle” can handle many types of paint and the spray gun is separated into 2 models for each application. HVLP model for base coat application and RP for clear coat. Whatever SATA spray gun model is, the spraying quality still be performed as maximum performance.

ROM has right to distribute both ANEST IWATA and SATA spray gun. Each of brand has a different in technology and operating structure. Therefore, the working requirement is different which is depended on types of material paint, types of application and experience of sprayer.

Whether the requirement of sprayer is, both of spray gun provide the great result of coating and respond precisely a customer requirement. In addition, these 2 brands are guaranteed by famous automotive manufacture and assign its to be standard tools for automotive refinishing application.

Our effort to get a right of selling ANEST IWATA and SATA product proof that we are definitely getting the best spray gun for selling the best item to customer.

Refinishing Spray Gun product group

Refinishing spray gun is categorized into 3 group. The main refinishing work (Base Coat, Clear Coat and Primer) include ANEST IWATA KIWAMI, SATA JET X 5500 and small refinishing spray gun ANEST IWATA LPH. You can go quickly to main page of each product group by clicking at "SHORT CUT".



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LPH-80 Back.png


ANEST IWATA Refinishing Spray Gun for main work (Base Coat, Clear Coat and Primer Coat).

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ANEST IWATA KIWAMI Refinishing Spray Gun

The spray gun that it is the one of the top largest portion of applicator and become prominent brand for a long time. ANEST IWATA haven’t stop to develop and innovate the technology from previous success spray gun W-400 to be even better but build the new product line from normal spray gun model into KIWAMI series which enhance the spray gun level to be near closely to previous top model WS-400 and it is classified into sub model. For example, KIWAMI4BA for ordinary refinishing application and KIWAMI4WB for water-based and high solid paint application. They also have alternative choice for sprayer who prefer to use side gravity cup which is KIWAMI1, the side gravity cup for automotive refinishing spray gun.

Due there have many models for each application, sprayer has many alternative choice and each of model is clearly different in price and suitable paint material. If you would like to know the different of each KIWAMI series, please click at “DETAILS” for English version in order to be the information of consideration and selection the most suitable spray gun.

SATA Refinishing Spray Gun for main work (Base Coat, Clear Coat and Primer Coat).

SATA JET 5500 Background - Second.png

SATA JET X 5500 Refinishing Spray Gun

This spray gun can handle most of paint specification for car and various vehicle with unique innovation that SATA has develop it for more than 100 years. No matter how difficult the paint is to be sprayed. X nozzle system can spray it without problem. Especially, the car or vehicle which has a special specification of paint and can not be found in other car or vehicle, SATA JET X 5500 is the priority spray gun for consideration to apply it. The operating structure of spray gun is different from other brand and be separated into 2 models. HVLP for base coating by applying the efficacy of low pressure to save more paint and RP for clear coat or high viscosity paint. The spray pattern is wider than HVLP model in order to use high atomizing flow create the fine spray pattern for the purpose of using the highest performance of spray gun and make the coating quality to be perfect.

And then, whatever how for it is between nozzle and surface, the pattern shape on surface always be the same size as the nozzle and aircap keep the pattern shape. Please click “DETAILS” for further information in ENGLISH.

ANEST IWATA Refinishing Spray gun for Spot Repair work.

lPH-80 Cover.png


The small spray gun is significant as same as main spray gun in account of the small nozzle is required to sport repair in order that it need to prevent the effect to nearly surface area. The air operating structure is important due to control the air atomizing to be minimal and make a coating perfect quality.

There have standard type, LPH-50 the side gravity cup model and the center cup, LPH-80 the special model that it can handle the special paint. Please click “DETAILS” for further information in ENGLISH.

Contact Info for Product Inquiry

Refinishing Spray gun for automobile and vehicle

Sell a high quality spray gun for professional use for automotive and other vehicle refinishing work with ANEST IWATA KIWAMI and LPH - Spot Repair from Japan and SATA JET X 5500 from Germany.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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