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Refinishing Spray Gun ANEST IWATA LPH - Sport Repair

As the low pressure spray system of LPH
Provide the smooth and steady of spray pattern
Giving a low atomizing flow and coat precisely a surface.
That's why it is the perfect tools for spot repair application.

Refinishing Spray gun for spot repair and completion work

Small size of spray gun for spot repair work and re-painting some point for decorative purpose in order to make workpiece to be more quality and perfect. Use with a standard spray gun or some material require this type of spray gun

- LPH-50 The starter small spray gun which has a lowest price and sufficient performance for this kind of work.
- LPH-80 the advance performance of small spray gun. More quality of spray pattern and balance. The container will be the center cup.

The side cup gravity spray gun for sport repair application

LPH-50 Application.png


Technical Data Summary

Type of Spray: Low Pressure

Nozzle Size: 
0.4, 0.6, 1.0 (mm)

Air Consumption: 50 Litres/min
Recommended: 0.5 Bar
Spray Distance: 100 - 150 mm
Weight (Without cup): 220 g

The standard series which is the highest sales volume for mini-size spray gun. The handle is ergonomic designed and provide more comfortable of handling and precise spraying. This series let you to choose between normal stainless paint cup or free angle paint cup which can be adjusted the angle in order to reach the difficult spray point.

The gravity cup spray gun for sport repair paint

LPH-80 Application.png


Technical Data Summary

Type of Spray: Low Pressure

Nozzle Size: 
0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 (mm)

Air Consumption: 60 litres/min
Recommended: 1.0 Bar
Spray Distance : 50 - 150 mm
Weight (without cup): 205 g

The special series is not different in container only but the spray pattern quality better than LPH-50 and some material paint require this series so it is the alternative spray gun for user who need the best quality of spray pattern and apply with quick dry paint. The air cap is built for this series which can spray paint totally out from nozzle.

Accessories with ANEST IWATA Spray Gun

The significant accessories for spray gun is air pressure gauge AJR-02S. This gauge can determine the quality of paint spraying by controlling the air pressure level to be precisely and keep quality of spraying to be consistent. The viscosity cup support to keep the quality of paint to be consistent for paint spraying. Lastly, the maintenance kit provide the efficiency tools for clean and service the spray gun in order to extent a useful life whether ANEST IWATA Spray gun and other brand of spray gun.

You may click at “DETAILS” of each item for further information.

Air Pressure Gauge
Paint Viscosity Cup
Maintenance Kit

Demonstration Video of ANEST IWATA LPH-Spot Repair

Operating Video of LPH-80

Video Credit:

ANEST IWATA Refinishing

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ANEST IWATA LPH - Spot for spot repair paint and small painting

ANEST IWATA LPH - Spot Refinishing spray gun for spot repair and small painting project purpose. Presented by ANEST IWATA

TEL: 02-322-2495
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