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Coating and Grouting Equipment for Architectural Project

Whatever the painting or grouting
Contractor will get the best equipment from here
Durability High Performance and Simply Maintenance
Together with the best after sales service
These words are the definition for
all equipments which is sold by ROM INTERTRADE

Liquid Application Equipment for Building Project

Every type such as house residential building, commercial building, public traffic way, skyscraper and complex architect which are required to use spray equipment to support making beautify for those of building whether for beautify or protection in order to extent building surface to be long life.

And the project requirement that contractor face it. For example, project period, quality expectation and finding suitable equipment for material paint and chemical in case of coating special material (For example, ceramic paint, 2K paint and etc) so ROM provide various spray pack equipment type for various requirement of contractor as much as we can.

In addition, we have special equipment for building project. For example, foam injection unit for concrete renovation that it can be applied for large building site, underground train, tunnel, swimming pool or area that it is risk to found grooving inside concrete. WAGNER equipment can handle all size and durability of heavy duty use and the plastcoat equipment that it help to finish the plaster work within a few time and save both mortar consumption and timing.
To confirm the important of architectural coating product group as it is the beginning point of ROM which handle this business more than 30 years. The product may be changed but the service maintenance performance and providing genuine spare part for supporting service is not changed.

The top brand of coating application for building project.

Airless Spray Pack Background.png

WAGNER the advance equipment for contractor

One of the world top class performance spraying equipment from Germany which can be applied for spraying project which is difficult more than ordinary coating. WAGNER equipment is selected for high viscosity paint, skim coat or even WAGNER also have spraying device for ordinary coating but it is a diaphragm unit which is the unique technology of WAGNER that it is different from other brand.

WAGNER spraying equipment is applicable for large spraying project or special coating that normal spray pack can not handle it. If you need to spray the heat protection paint or external coating with extremely high viscosity material. You can feel confidence when you select the WAGNER.

Select the type of coating equipment for construction

Please click at picture on below to see more details

Airless Spray Pack
For Ordinary Painting Application


HVLP Air Spray Pack
For Decorative Painting

Airless Spray Pack
For Skim Coat Application

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Heavy Airless Spray Pack
For Building Protectoral Paint

PC1030 Background - 1.png

Plaster Coat Unit
For Plaster Spraying Application


Foam Injection Unit
For Concrete Renovation

W180P Background.png

D.I.Y. Painting Device
And Heat Gun

The coating and grouting equipment by application.

Airless Spray Pack for General Building Painting Work

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Electric Motor Airless High Pressure Unit which can be applied with voltage 220V 50W with Diapargm unit WAGNER SUPER FINISH 23 PRO which can spray the ordinary painting material such as water-based, acrylic, plastic, solvent-based, lacquer and can be applied for interior coating, exterior coating.

The diaphragm unit is more durability, flow rate consistency for many hours work, save the most of paint consumption and has a few spare part.

For further information in ENGLISH, please click at “DETAILS”.

Spray pack for decorative finishing, sport repair in building work.


The electric air spray gun for complex surface. For example, balcony, wall pillar, wire screen, window, window sill and decorative painting work for corner and edge that airless spray can not reach it.

There have 2 types. For example, the D.I.Y. air spray unit “WAGNER W600 is the cordless spray gun with battery which can be moved simply around working site. This D.I.Y. painting device is sufficient to use for decorative painting work as contractor level. And the heavy duty unit, WAGNER FINECOAT 9700 that can be applied for high viscosity paint and concern more about surface coating quality better than standard.

For further information in ENGLISH, please click at “DETAILS”.

Airless Spray Pack for Skim Coat and High Viscosity Paint

PS 3.39 Background - 2.png

PROSPRAY 3.39 spray pack feed a paint material with powerful piston for high viscosity paint such as ceramic coating, high volume paint consumption for large area application and also be standard unit for skim coat application.

As the pathway of paint inside spray pack is designed to be short way from suction tube, throughout the piston and be sprayed out at nozzle gun with quick time in order to make piston avoid the overload work. This designation make PS 3.39 apply to spray skim material with full performance. Then, this unit is the standard spray pack for skim coat application of WAGNER.

For more further information, please click at "DETAILS" in ENGLISH.

Hydraulic Piston Pump Spray Pack for corrosion and structural protection project

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When PROSPRAY 3.39 is applicable for high viscosity paint, HEAVY COAT 950 spray pack unit is the higher performance than it and move to the next step with hydraulic piston which is the greatest feeding performance and be available for extremely high viscosity paint among all spray pack product sold by ROM. Especially, the area which is risk to contact always the sun light. For example, rooftop of high building, water tank, silo that it require the paint specification for protect both building and material kept inside and also be application with anti bacteria paint.

The pathway of paint channel for hydraulic piston pump is complex than normal piston type in account of the piston require the complex feeding process for extremely high viscosity paint so this unit is suitable for special paint specification and this is only 1 model that it separate into 2 types, Electric type which is applicable for 220V 50Hz and gasoline type for fieldwork that there is not electric supply.

For further information in ENGLISH, please click at “DETAILS”.

Foam Injection Unit for Concrete Renovation


WAGNER Diaphragm unit has been always the partner of Thai Contractor for grouting project for a long time since the first generation F104 to the current generation Super Finish 23 Pro with PRO-I type or foam injection type.

As the most stable unit, the liquid feeding flow are the best of steady and precise. You can use pressure level around 0 - 20 bar continuously without interruption and it is the most durability unit of all types of foam injection.

For further information in ENGLISH, please click at “DETAILS”.

Plaster Coat Equipment


Plast Coat is the high performance unit for plaster working and require for mortar material only. The application intent to reduce significantly the plaster working time but the surface must be smooth and homogeneously and require a few man power.

This unit require the mortar that it need to be mixed with water only, Do not use with sand and gravel in account of this unit is designed for mortar only. In addition, this unit can not mix the material by itself, It is necessary to mix by manpower or bring the outside mixing unit to be used together with plast coat.

For further information in ENGLISH, please click at “DETAILS”.

Painting Device for D.I.Y. Project and Heat Gun

Heat Gun Background.png

The mini scale of painting equipment for consumer level. You can make painting application by yourself with high standard equipment from WAGNER that it provide the best coating quality. D.I.Y. painting device include mini airless spray gun W-180P, the mini HVLP air spray set W600 that it is the cordless painting device and high quality of heat gun which is suitable both contractor level. and consumer level.

For more further information, please click at "DETAILS" in ENGLISH.

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Architectural Coating and Grouting Equipment

Sell and after sales service the coating and grouting equipment for constuction which include airless spray pack for general work, airless spray equipment for high viscosity, skim coat, heat resistant, PU foam injection unit, HVLP air spray pack and plaster coat.

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