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Professional Airless Painting Spray Pack for construction

The tools which help you to finish quickly a painting job
With the high quality and performance of equipment
But it is simply used whether piston or diaphragm type

Electric Diaphragm Airless Spray Pack for Building Trade

Electric Airless Spray pack can help a contractor to finish the building coating project both interior work and exterior work in a few time and the unit performance is ready to spray with ordinary paint material from market without problem.

Diaphragm model WAGNER SUPER FINISH 23 PRO, there are the advance performance spray pack unit for building painting work but the other feature such as maintenance, paint consumption, paint flow rate.

We provide an after sales service and warranty for electric diaphragm airless spray pack and this unit can be applied with voltage 220V 50Hz that is the standard voltage of Thailand territory. It’s mean you just plug it and ready to work.

Airless Electric Diaphragm Spray Pack

SF23 Pro S Back - 1.jpg
SF23 Pro-S.jpg


Technical Data Summary:

Max. Nozzle: 0.023”
Max Paint Flow: 2.6 Litres/min
Max. Pressure: 250 Bar
Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Weight: 27.00 KG

It can handle for interior and exterior building coating similar as piston model but the significant different feature is the consistent of paint flow rate, durability of motor that it can be operated longer and use a few spare part. Therefore, this unit is the easiest maintenance. The accessories are included following as below;

- High Pressure Airless Spray Gun WAGNER VECTOR PRO
- High Pressure Hose 6 mm, Length 15M
- Airless Nozzle

For more information, please click “TECHNICAL DATA”.

Capability of QLS Diaphragm


In order to understand more about QLS diaphragm technology from WAGNER that it make so different from piston model and make a few spare part for maintenance. In addition, there have a comparative information with piston model. All information is here.

Please click “DETAILS” for further information.

Other Accessories for Airless Spray Pack

The other accessories include the standard airless nozzle TRADETIP 3 and the low pressure airless nozzle HEA TIP for less paint consumption. In addition, there have other accessories such as extension nozzle 30 CM, 45 CM and 60 CM and other accessories for enhance the spraying performance. Please click “DETAILS” for further information.

Tradetip 3.png
Extension Nozzle.png
Other Accessories
AIRCOAT Accessories for Airless Spray Pack

In case the working site require air coat application with SELLEYS S21 or WAGNER SUPER FINISH 23 PRO, it is necessary to use GM4700, C330 the fieldwork compressor and air pressure gauge for low air pressure spray pattern if there is no air regulator at feeding section.

GM4700 Gun.png
C330 Compressor
Air Pressure Gauge

Demonstration Video of SUPER FINISH 23 PRO

The operating video of SUPER FINISH 23 PRO
Click at icon to see the video

Video Credit:
WAGNER GmbH, Decorative Finishing Department

The cleaning of SUPER FINISH 23 PRO Video
Click at icon to see the video

WAGNER GmbH, Decorative Finishing Department

Contact info for price inquiry or order

Electric Airless Spray Pack for construction

Electric airless spray pack WAGNER Super Finish 23 Pro from Germany for general painting work of construction. It is suitable for water-based paint, solvent-based paint, plastic paint for construction.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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