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Liquid Equipment for coating application of Industry
Bring the best of each brand to engage many kinds of coating application.

The group of best liquid surface coating equipment.

R.O.M. INTERTRADE is the authorized distributor of liquid coating application of various world class manufacturer. We bring the best of each brand to collaborate in the same system and present a optimize solution to customer with the best equipment and suitable for customer requirement. Currently, R.O.M. has right to sell the liquid coating equipment brand are following as below;


All of brands from above is the top class coating equipment manufacture with high quality equipment and can handle various requirement of coating and can be used together in order to make a perfect solution of coating system and enhance the coating performance above the expectation.

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Coating Application Equipment by categories

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Liquid Applying Equipment
Manual Application

Zip52 Finshing Application.jpg

Liquid Feeding Unit
Pressure Tank, Diaphragm and Piston

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Liquid Applying Equipment
Automatic Application

Coating Equipment
With Electrostatic Application

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2K Mixing and Feeding
Normal Pressure and High Pressure

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Booth System
For Liquid Coating

Manual Liquid Applying Application

ANEST IWATA Manual Air Spray Gun

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This is the most regular spray gun model which can handle many coating application requirement of industry and has many product line for specific material such as adhesive, liquid chemical, release agent and ceramic.

As the Air Spray method is traditional spraying style, it require an air pressure and operating pressure around 0 - 4 bar. Due the ANEST IWATA is the Japan No.1 of coating equipment, they provide every spray gun which perform the best spray performance and let customer feel impressive for a long time.

For ANEST IWATA, the spray gun model are available for pressure type (connect directly to feeding unit), gravity type and suction type.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

WAGNER High Pressure Manual Spraying Application

High Pressure Manual Background.png

The Germany standard of High pressure spray gun is known for its high durability and spray consistently with pressure 90 - 200 bar. We present the spray gun as 2 models which are Airless spray gun for large quantity spraying application and finish the coating project within a few time by spraying with paint pressure only. Air pressure is not related.

And next type is Air Coat application. This spraying method require high paint pressure to spray but concern more quality of surface coating and finish within a few time. Low air pressure is required.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

Automatic Liquid Coating Application

Automatic Spray Gun of WAGNER and WALTHER PILOT

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High Pressure Spray Gun WAGNER

Available for heavy duty Industry which require the consistent of spraying for a long time operation but the spray gun must be durability. There is no any suitable spray gun than WAGNER automatic spray gun both Air Coat version GA4000 and Airless version GA400AL.

WALTHER PILOT Automatic Spray gun for specific purpose

There have some machine in industry which install the WALTHER PILOT spray gun. So ROM import the spray gun brand under WAGNER group to sell and service for customer who use PILOT.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

ANEST IWATA Automatic Spray Gun and Marking Gun

WIDER1A Sheet Cover.png

The top brand of automatic air spray gun from JAPAN. ANEST IWATA Spray gun can handle many kind of application. Not only automatic spray gun WIDER-A for paint and chemical liquid as multi-role application. There have other series for ceramic coating, machine installation application, robot application and available for circulation. The extension nozzle version such as RK1-A05 which can spray adhesive within machine grooving.

In addition, there have a 2 types of Marking gun. AS-30 for general marking gun and minimal spraying application and AS-80 for line striping.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

Liquid Applying with Electrostatic Application

WAGNER Manual Electrostatic Spray Gun GM5000 Series

The famous electrostatic technology from WAGNER of solvent-based coating has been more than 30 years. Since the first generation to current generation “GM5000” which is applied for solvent-based with perfect performance. The high level wrap around effect performance support the industry application save a paint consumption in high significantly rate and combine with after sales service standard of ROM with expert technician who has work at ROM more than 25 years. Therefore, it is the high performance equipment and after sales service is reliable.

There have 2 types of solvent-based spray gun. GM5000EA for general application with operating pressure 0 - 5 bar (Air Spray) and come together with spiral tube as standard component so it is ready to spray whether paint resistant is normal or low. GM5000EAC for high pressure spraying application.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

Feeding and Transfer Unit for coating system

Diaphragm Feeding Unit for AIR SPRAY Application

Zip52 Finshing Application.jpg

Feeding unit require operating pressure around 0 - 6 bar which is sufficient for general industry or heavy industry but the workpiece is not too large and complex. For example, automotive component, electric appliance, metal work, wood and etc.

Diaphragm Feeding pump WAGNER ZIP52 Finishing. It can feed many material types and be designed for simply cleaning and maintenance and comfort for quick changing color application.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information

Pressure Tank Feeding Unit for Air Spray Application


For pressure tank AIR PRO is suitable for large paint capacity and use single color tone or if you use with other liquid type such as adhesive, soil mixed with water, ceramic and other liquid that there is no changeable.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

High Pressure Feeding Unit for AIR COAT and AIR SPRAY

HP Background.png

For heavy industry with large workpiece such as metal, non-complex shape furniture, tile, large machine and require to spray with over 100 bar.

High Pressure feeding unit of WAGNER can be applied for this categories. We have piston pump type which is the ordinary feeding style since smallest size 20-30 model to largest size 75-150 model for extremely high viscosity material.

We also have diaphragm unit type “COBRA” for high pressure spraying not more than 250 bar which is regular for wood furniture and metal furniture. It can save more paint consumption and less wear part.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

Liquid Transfer Pump


For application which require transfer pump unit whether is the part of painting system or liquid transfer only. WAGNER ZIP52 transfer pump has flow rate 52 L/min can make the transferring system to be efficient.

In addition, there have ZIP80 special model that it can transfer with larger flow rate and also have PM500 model for lacquer and varnish transfer pump with perfect performance. Finally, 5-125 the piston transfer pump is designed for transfer liquid from 200L barrel without problem.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

2K Mixing and Feeding unit

TWIN CONTROL Stand Alone 2K Feeding Unit

Twin Control Background.jpg

2K Paint is the special liquid which require the accurate mixing ratio, the control equipment and feeding unit must be high performance and flushing unit must be ready to work.

TWIN CONTROL is the stand alone 2K feeding unit. It combine with WAGNER feeding unit as the basic item but it is under controlled by electric control unit of TWIN CONTROL that they can determine the mixing ratio with precisely value.

For English version, please click at “DETAILS” for further information.

Booth System for Liquid Coating

Liquid Coating Booth System of ANEST IWATA

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The advance technology of liquid coating booth from Japan by ANEST IWATA that they design for environment friendly and enhance the performance of coating application. For liquid booth, there have 2 types whether Venturi booth which perform collection by water resources and dry booth which perform collection by dry resources such as filter cartridge and baffle sheet.

For more information, please click at "DETAILS"

Contact Info for product inquiry

Liquid Application Equipment Group

Include the equipment which relate about liquid application of industry. For example, manual and automatic liquid spray gun, feeding pump, pressure tank, transfer pump and 2K mixing unit. All equipments are distributed from world-class brand such as AIR PRO, ANEST IWATA, WALTHER PILOT and WAGNER.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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