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The coating equipment that is suitable both every type of paint and liquid.
With highly spraying performance for all kinds of application.

One of the most regular of AIR Spray gun at Thailand territory.

ANEST IWATA enter to Thailand market of spray gun for more than 50 years. It is a famous air spray gun brand and be second to be none as the quality of surface coating is great since the first generation to current generation. The quality and performance are always developed generation to generation so many of workshop which use air spray gun must have the ANEST IWATA Spray gun at least 1 unit at working area.

With the quality of part which is developed from previous generation. The spray pattern is improved and reduce the paint consumption rate which is better than previous generation. If you would like to make the quality of surface coating to be perfect and keep this quality to be consistent for every workpiece. You will not disappoint when you select ANEST IWATA.

Know more about ANEST IWATA

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ANEST IWATA Spray gun can perform rather than paint spraying because they have a spraying type for other liquid chemical such as release agent, ceramic, adhesive and other type of liquid chemical.

If you would like to know that what ANEST IWATA can do for each application. Please click at “DETAILS” to see the overview of ANEST IWATA air spray gun and compatible application. So you will know that ANEST IWATA is more than spray gun.

Manual Air Spray Gun from ANEST IWATA


WIDER series is the standard air spray gun for painting application, laccqure and glue. This series is the highest popular. In addition, the other series is built for specific purpose. For example, ZP2 series is built for ceramic coating, LPH-50 for hot spot spraying and WS-200 for water-based paint with split nozzle.

You may click at “DETAILS” of each spray gun series to see more information. Except WIDER series that they have many types of spray gun which will be presented in other web page.

WIDER Air Spray Gun for General Industry

The most popular standard spray gun which separate to be 2 types. The compact types is WIDER1 and large scale type is WIDER2 that it require the flow rate and pressure more than normal spraying. In each type, there have 3 spraying method which are pressure feed, side gravity cup and suction in order to handle all kinds of spraying application.

The categories of application: automotive component, small workpiece, wood furniture, lacquers coating, metal work, adhesive for wood workpiece, metallic paint. For more information, please click at” DETAILS” for English version.


WS-200 for advance performance manual application


The spray gun which is created to enhance the performance better than ordinary spray gun. With this special operating structure, create more consistent and homogenous spray pattern and save more paint consumption. It is available for 2 models, WS-200SP with split nozzle for water-based paint and enhance the water-based paint spray performance to optimized level while WS-200FT with special flat nozzle design for solvent-based which save more paint consumption and provide the better spraying performance than ordinary solvent-based spray gun.

As it is developed from automotive refinishing spray gun so the spay pattern quality will be the best of general industry spray gun and consume low air pressure which is save more paint consumption and the wear part is low-depreciable.

Please click at "DETAILS" for more information of WS-200.


ZP2-H20 for Ceramic Coating and Abrasive Material


The compatible spray gun for ceramic coating and abrasive material. These material paint make normal spray gun to be depreciated faster than usual so ZP2-H20 is built to handle these material. The nozzle and needle are made from tungsten carbide that it can handle the ceramic material.

It is suitable for sanitary industry, the mixing material between water and soil which is abrasive material and other the same kind of material.

Please click at "DETAILS" for more information of ZP2-H20.


The side cup gravity spray gun for sport repair paint LPH-50


The standard series which is the highest sales volume for mini-size spray gun. The handle is ergonomic designed and provide more comfortable of handling and precise spraying. This series let you to choose between normal stainless paint cup or free angle paint cup which can be adjusted the angle in order to reach the difficult spray point.

Please click at "DETAILS" for more information of LPH-50.


The side cup gravity spray gun for sport repair paint LPH-80


The special series is not different in container only but the spray pattern quality better than LPH-50 and some material paint require this series so it is the alternative spray gun for user who need the best quality of spray pattern and apply with quick dry paint. The air cap is built for this series which can spray paint totally out from nozzle.

Please click at "DETAILS" for more information of LPH-80.


Extension Nozzle Air Spray Gun


The special design air spray gun which enhance the reaching to surface performance that the normal spray gun can not handle it. The basic structure and suitable material is the same but the spraying method is different.

For this spray gun, the extension nozzle can reach to difficult surface such as internal surface and surface point that sprayer can not step in.

Please click at "DETAILS" for more information of LW-1.


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Contact Info for price inquiry or order

ANEST IWATA Manual Air Spray Gun

Manual Air Spray gun from ANEST IWATA. Compatible for general paint spraying and special model for ceramic coating gun, split nozzle, high viscosity paint and small painting.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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