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High standard transfer hose for industrial production which attend every making step since designation
material selection for creating transfer hose, fitting and build a new superior technology
and perfect of industry that it require liquid and air transfer procedure.

HAKKO, one of largest fluid and air hose manufacturer in JAPAN.

Hose and Fitting for Liquid Painting and Transferring application of Industry

Hose is the device that it can not be missed in liquid painting application with solvent-based, water-based or whatever type of liquid chemical whether the small work shop or high complex automatic painting system. The hose quality must be acceptable in standard same as painting system in account of using non-standard hose which may make a damage to painting work whatever damage for painting system or coating quality.

In addition, not only hose is significant device, air hose is significant device same as hose. Especially in painting work, air pressure is the key driver for spray pattern building so it must be used for transfer air pressure with good quality and must be durable and flexible at the industry level.

Hakko transfer hose both paint hose and air hose are a high quality hose for top level of Japan Industry. ROM as the autrhorized distributor of Hakko would like to confirm that Hakko can be applied with the world class paint spraying equipment without problem. Due ROM distribute liquid spraying equipment of WANGER and ANEST IWATA, Hakko hose has a suitable standard in order to apply with those brands.

It confirm that ROM give the best item to customer and HAKKO is one of the best item which is related to spraying equipment.

Frequent Failure of using non-standard hose and fitting or unmatched item

Hose Burst

Coming off from the fittings

Leak from the hose

Using non standard hose and fitting or unmatched item may have a problem following example picture

Characteristic of Hose and Fitting by Hakko

1. Secured

HAKKO Original Fittings are designed and manufactured by HAKKO themselves, so there is no mismatch between hose and fittings.

2. Safety

HAKKO clearly specifics the guarantee value of working pressure and temperature when hose and the fitting are used.

3. Long Duration

Pass the repeated pressure test (100,000 times) with HAKKO and HAKKO Original Fittings.

Resin Fluorine Hose for General Liquid Transfer Application

The flexible transfer hose by resin fluorine material which provide many type for various industry and various size which start with the smallest size 2 x 4 mm and the quality of hose is high. This series provide various type in order to coverage the application such as chemical, paint, air, food and beverage and ink.

For more information, please click at “DETAILS” for ENGLISH version.

Styrene Elastomer Hose for liquid temperature not more than 100 Celsius

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Hose is built by styrene elastomer material which is high temperature resistant not more than 100 celsius. Therefore, it can be applied for various application.

For more information, please click at “DETAILS” for ENGLISH version.

Vinyl Hose for Transfer work in general industry

industry worker

Hose for production process in industry and it is built to be pressure resistant. This hose are designed specially for long life using.

For more information, please click at “DETAILS” for ENGLISH version.

Air Hose for spray equipment and general air transfer application.

Air Compressors

High quality air hose for painting and air transfer for machine which is driven by pneumatic system. It is capable for paint spraying equipment or air pressure transfer application.

For more information, please click at “DETAILS” for ENGLISH version.

Paint hose for spraying application and paint transfer work

Paint Hose.jpg

Hose which is designed specially for surface coating whether manual spray and automatic spraying system and also available for solvent and water-based. Also include the paint conductive hose for avoiding the electro-static.

For more information, please click at “DETAILS” for ENGLISH version.

Fitting for paint hose, air hose and general transfer application


Fitting for paint hose and air hose which is built specifically for Hakko transfer hose. They are available both brass nickel types and stainless type.

For more information, please click at “DETAILS” for ENGLISH version.

Contact Info for product group inquiry

HAKKO Transfer Hose from Japan

HAKKO transfer hose is compatible for industry production with various type such as paint and liquid transfer work, air pressure transfer, transfer hose for painting application. With many hose material of each series. For example, florine resin hose, PVC hose, polyurethane hose, nylon hose and stylene resin hose which is the heat resistant meterial.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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