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Behind every Finishing
Is behind every success

Behind every Finishing, the word that reflect ROM's identity

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ROM is established at 1988. Their business relate directly to coating equipment that take over WAGNER distributor licenses from THAIMAX Co.,Ltd, the previous distributor. With the experience from THAIMAX as the manager then bring it to manage the business once he is the executive himself.

As the founding period of ROM, it is the same time that Thailand turn them to be industry development with full scale. It is the the beginning period of industry working system which have been settled for basic working structure until now and ROM, the WAGNER authorized Thailand distributor on that time engage the flow of industry era without missing out. It is the starting point that make ROM has stand in industry until now.

Then until now, start with WAGNER brand as the single brand to various brand in cooperated today. ROM distribute get more world class brand such as ANEST IWATA and SAMES as the new powder coating brand. Whatever brand that ROM responsible to manage, ROM never forget the root of identity in order to emphasize the after sales service.

And one word that effect to standard of after sales service and it is the key motto that ROM always be faithful is “Behind every Finishing”.

The true meaning of "BEHIND every FINISHING"

The coating application in industry, construction, refinishing work in garage and whatever the coating by man or automated complex device. When we see carefully the coating process, the significant process is about final process or revision process.

The final phase is the process about finalize workpiece before hand over it customer or construction work is nearly to finish before hand over to occupant. This phase is crucial process owing to the fact that it make the whole process before which have been done before is not in vain and it is the foreground that show the performance, quality and value of the workpiece or project is achieved through coating quality and delivery successfully.

The corrective process usually occurs in paint refinishing work in garage, building painting in term of additional work or repainting, PU form injection project for concrete crack on completed building. Every kind of application has the same concept that it is the working process on workpiece which have been completed or finished before but need to be recover to be the same quality as before then coating application must handle it.

With this vision in mind, ROM believe that the coating process is prominent part of success. When the success is happen, any graceful thing will return to society. Don’t forget that coating application relate almost every kind of industry. Everything around us pass through the costing process before deliver to us.

As the coating business involve in so many industries, it is our responsible for society by sending the best coating equipment and provide the best after sales service which make customer to complete their job.

Coating application stay around you more than your imagination and we stand behind it.

Business and general Information of ROM

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The data relate about found date, capital register, product division and brand that ROM is assigned to be distributor. The channel of contact which is included in here.

Please click “DETAILS” to see the ROM business information and it will be always changeable when ROM get the new brand to be authorized distributor or new product.

Pattern and Protocol of service before and after sales

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The after sales service is the heart of ROM business way since foundation period until now. Even though new generation of coating equipment is developed to be more simply of maintenance or has a system which notice automatically the part replacement. ROM still keep to emphasize the service protocol but the pattern will be changeable in order to follow the current technology.

You can see all method of service protocol by clicking at “DETAILS”.

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