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High Pressure Manual Spray Gun of WAGNER

There have 2 types of WAGNER high pressure spray gun which are Airless spray gun and Air Coat spray gun. Both of 2 guns spray at more than 40 bar in order to work with large volume of paint and workpiece and also be applicable at construction working site.

Mainly feature of high pressure spray gun is reducing the operating time from brushing work or spraying work with air spray gun and reduce the paint consumption because the atomizing flow is low. Please see the example on below;

Contractor Background.png

Contractor Work

In construction working site, airless spray pack can finish the painting work in a short time. Especially, the painting work for wall, roof, ceiling and ground and maximize the advantage of high pressure for spray high viscosity paint such as epoxy for ground painting, ceramic painting for heat protection and high viscosity 2K paint which is required for construction. Generally, airless spray gun are used for primary paint but in decorative work or specific painting still require air spray gun handle this work in order to finish completely work.

AIRCOAT Background.png


For Industry work, high pressure spray gun is suitable for large size and non-complex workpiece such as roofing, metal sheet, barrel and the workpiece in production must be the same size, shape for every unit that high pressure spray gun can perform full capability of gun. However, the industry work is complicated than construction so WAGNER create the Air Coat spray gun for handle this work because they need more quality of surface coating and more uniform thickness but still work fast same as airless spray gun.

Therefore, high pressure spray gun is built up in order to paint quickly, save a paint material in large volume and handle with high viscosity paint which is regular use for construction and large workpiece production.

For details of WAGNER High pressure spray gun, please click at "SHORT CUT" for further information.

Air Coat Gun.png
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Air Coat Spray Gun

The combination of Air Spray and Airless

This is a paint spray system which combine between advantage of Air spray and advantage of airless. Due some large object that consist of corner nook, large metal panel (For example, large machine) and panel that it similar to honey hump. Using air spray gun waste a lot of working time and material paint even paint atomizing can attach object surface. Using airless may not be completed job because high pressure paint atomizing can not attach all object surface even though using air spray gun to decorate workpiece may spend working time too much. Therefore, there must have special type of spray gun to utilize the advantage of air spray gun in term of spray performance control and advantage of airless gun in term of high speed spraying.


Summary of Technical Data

Max Paint Pressure: 250 Bar
Max Air Pressure: 8 Bar
(For low pressure air pattern)
Weight: 596 g

WAGNER bring the advantage of “spraying control” from Air Spray and the advantage of “quick spraying” from Airless Spray to combine within GM4000AC.

- Spray with high pressure flow together with providing the spray quality.
- Ergonomic design for handle. Compact lightweight
- Enable to adjust air pressure in order to create precisely spray pattern.
- Suitable for work which require spray quality but need to finish in time limit.

You may click at “TECHNICAL DATA GM4700AC” for further information.

Accessories for GM4700

Accessories for GM4700 include the nozzle and aircap which are designed for Air Coat spray gun only. The other accessories such as high pressure hose and air hose can be shared with other type of spray gun. For C330 compressor, this is the alternative item for user who need to use GM4700 with electric spray pack which provide more performance of spraying. C330 connect with GM4700 in order to create the low pressure air flow.

Nozzle and Air Cap
C330 Compressor
Hose Set

Airless Spraying

It is a paint spraying which use high pressure (more than 40 Bar) to push material paint out of nozzle without air pressure to mix in paint. The surface object are covered by material paint only. No air bubble to mix and make damage surface to be not smooth. Low spread rate to avoid disturb environment. Spraying with high speed and also deliver large quantity paint in the same time to complete work in a few time.

Airless Spray gun and Airless feeding unit of WAGNER are compatible to use under maximum pressure around 110 Bar to 400 bar.

VECTOR PRO Background.png


Vector Pro Spray Gun.png

This is the equipment which is compatible to use with high pressure spray pack of WAGNER. Built from aluminium which is robust and lightweight. Available to use with various size of trade tip nozzle that there are designed for many type of work.

- Airless Spray gun for simple painting work until heavy duty work for architectural coating and industry coating.
- Robust material, Powerful and long life using.

You may click at “TECHNICAL DATA VECTOR PRO” for further information.

AG-14 Backgound.png


AG-14 Spray Gun.png

The performance is higher than VECTOR PRO. It is built for high viscosity material and apply with large airless spray pack for PS 3.39 and Heavy Coat or piston pump Series. It is available for user who need spray gun to apply with ceramic coating and high viscosity material with large spray pack.

You may click at “TECHNICAL DATA AG-14” for further information.

AG-19 Background.png


AG-19 Spray Gun.png

The largest of airless spray gun. There have a feature following as below;

- Compatible with high-viscosity material and filler
- It is also available for Skim Coat Project
- Unit is robust and user-friendly.

You may click at “TECHNICAL DATA AG-19” for further information.

Accessories for AIRLESS SPRAY GUN

Accessories can be used for all type of WAGNER airless spray gun. There have 2 nozzles type for airless, HEA Tip of low pressure nozzle for spraying with low atomizing and reduce the paint consumption but the nozzle size are limited at 0.021 inch which is created for ordinary paint. But the standard nozzle "TRADETIP3 provide the normal atomizing and use pressure higher than HEA Tip but there have various size of nozzle up to 0.039 inch for ceramic and largest size is 0.067 inch.

In other hand, there have another type of airless accessory such as high pressure hose, extension nozzle for airless spray gun. You can see more details by clicking at "DETAILS" for each item.

Hose and Other Accessories

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

WAGNER manual high pressure spray gun

WAGNER high pressure spray gun which is high durable and invincible performance with premium quality of material part for spray gun, nozzle and other part whether GM4700 aircoat spray gun or airless spray gun such as VECTOR PRO, AG-14 and AG-19 that provide the great performance.

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