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Liquid Feeding Unit for AIR Spray Application

High Quality of Double Diaphragm Pump unit and Pressure Tank for for various type of liquid chemical.

Double Diaphragm Pump Unit fir Air Spray

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ZIP52 Finishing Double Diaphragm Unit

Technical Data Summary

Pressure Ratio: 1/1
Volumetric Flow of double stroke: 108 cm3/ds
Max. Pressure: 7.8 Bar
Max. Air Pressure: 8 Bar
Max. Flow Rate: 52 L/min
Weight (pump only): 9.0 Kg

ZIP pumps are perfect for air spray applications. Whether you are are using thick high viscosity material, shear sensitive or thixotropic, heat critical paints or just ordinary coatings ZIP finishing equipment meets all the expectations of a professional painter. It comply to use with any brand of Air Spray gun and also use with electrostatic air spray gun.

This unit feed a paint with double diaphragm by draining paint into pump and deliver paint into system and include 3 regulator on panel which are pump pressure regulator, paint pressure regulator and air pressure regulator. Also include FFC is used for filter paint and anti pulsation of paint flow.

You may see more details by clicking at “TECHNICAL DATA ZIP52 FIN”.

Accessories for Air Spray Feeding Unit

The accessories of ZIP52 Finishing include FFC is the standard accessories which is included in ZIP52 Finishing package. For ANEST IWATA PR-5B, this is the alternative accessories in case of using ZIP52 Finishing with spray gun more than 1 unit in order to keep pressure of each spray gun to be consistent. In addition, we have paint agitator which can be used together with feeding unit from AIRPRO.

For further information, please click at “DETAILS” of each item to see it.

Fine Flow Control
Paint Regulator
Paint Agitator
Compatible Spray gun for Air Spray Feeding Unit

Spray gun for this feeding unit is require the air spray type only. Please click at “DETAILS” to see more further information.

Related Video Presentation for Air Spray Feeding Unit

Polymer spray application by ZIP52 Finishing:
Please click at video icon to see using ZIP52 Finishing for polymer spray application

Video Credit:
WAGNER GmbH, Industrial Solution, Germany

Product Original Information:
WAGNER ZIP52 Finishing

Contact info for price inquiry or order

Double Diaphragm Pump WAGNER ZIP52 Finishing

Double Diaphragm Pump ZIP52 Finishing for Air Spray System. You may inquire the price or order following details as below;

Office TEL: 02-322-2495
Line ID: @romcoating

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