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The best performance of Manual Electrostatic Spraying equipment
Outstanding of paint saving, high quality of coating and superior level of durability

The equipment which maximize a capability of electrostatic spraying

Electrostatic Spray Gun Manual Type

The original WAGNER electrostatic spray gun manual type is designed for user friendly that user may feel comfortable when handle to use, it is also lightweight, efficiency and robust throughout until the end of useful life. Currently, WAGNER present the 2 types of electrostatic spray gun which are air spray type and air coat type (air-mix which combine between high pressure and low air pressure) for large workpiece and use a few time for operation. Whether air spray or air coat, the main purpose of electrostatic spray gun is material-saving inn a significant amount.

Solvent-Based for electrostatic spray gun

The solvent-based which is required to use with electrostatic spray gun is 150 kiloOhm because the charge particle can be added into solvent-based liquid and can bring material into wrap efficiently around the workpiece. The list of liquid material are following as below;

- 1K Paint (Single Component liquid which be mixed with solvent material)
- 2K Paint (Two component which include main material and hardener. If 2K is required, the painting system must have system and equipment which is enable to use for 2K mixing)
- Solvent-based paint at low, middle and high viscosity.
- Release Agent
- Lacquer for clear coating (Top Coat Paint)
- UV Paint (The application must be used under instruction of UV paint manufacturer because the reaction of light

For GM5000EA Air Spray Electrostatic Spray gun, it is compatible for solvent-based paint following below

- Metallic Paint (Powder metal within liquid)
- Low resistant paint

As the current lot of GM5000EA completed set include the spiral tube, the electric charge can perform with metallic paint or low resistant paint without issue. Therefore, new generation of GM5000EA does not require the spiral tube as additional item.

GM5000EA with Spiral Tube.png

GM5000EA Spray Gun
Air Spray Method
Spiral Tube for Metallic Paint

GM5000EAC Spray Gun
Air Coat Method

Electrostatic Spraying Principle for Solvent-Based

Electrostatic spray gun charge the electric into paint in order to make an induction of paint. The paint which is charged by spray gun has the opposite polar with workpiece polar so the paint will be moved automatically into workpiece. That is the reason why workpiece holder need to be attached with ground cable in order to make electric field but the electric charge will be usable when it is achieved a requirement of paint resistant. GM5000 require the paint resistant more than 150 kOhm in order make electric charge be usable.

If you would like to know what is the paint resistant and reason why industry require the using of electrostatic spray gun for mass production. You may find the answer by clicking at :ELECTROSTATIC PRINCIPLE" at below link for further information.

Special Feature of WAGNER Electrostatic Spray Gun

1. Flexible Electrode

The ultra flexible electrode provides a reproducible performance of the gun. This guarantees excellent wrap around and high transfer efficiency.

Even the electrode needle is flexible, we suggest that it should not be bended or touch with workpiece every case in order to maintain long useful life.

Large Hand Handle

2. Human Engineered Design

Designed for reducing operators fatigue. The right combination of ultra light weight, ergonomic design, low trigger force and excellent balance lead to a gun with optimum working comfort for small and large hands.

3. Robust Design

Rough environment, intensive usage, different spraying materials and more is what the GM 5000 range is designed for. Replaceable hook for low service costs.

4. High Safety Standard

The GM 5000 gun range is compliant with CE and Atex Zone 1 standard. The grounding of the gun is monitored by the control unit for maximum safety of the painter. If grounding is interrupted high voltage is cut off.

Small Hand Handle

5. Excellent Finishing quality

Innovative nozzles and air caps specifically developed to create a pattern with ideal particle size for perfect combination with electrostatic charges to achieve superior performances and quality.

Integrated Control Panel


The recipe will e changed on spray gun by pushing the button on the spray gun by following 3 recipe in order to support the changing procedure without push button on control unit for obtain the optimal value of each workpiece and suitable for user in each operating round. However, the details of setting the recipe is required to performed on control unit. Especially, the high voltage rate, current rate which is set based on condition of workpiece for getting the best performance of wrap around.

In control panel, the main button which is used for change recipe. The signal will be sequenced by number of recipe by R1 R2 and R3 and green led light is signal for current recipe.
Voltage switch on/off

LED Signal from Spray Gun

The green light on led is signal for current recipe used. Each color has a meaning are following as below;

    - Green Light is mean the spray gun is normal condition
    - If orange signal have been shown, it mean the grounding is issued. The problem may occur from distance of workpiece ad spray gun, the paint resistant is not suitable for using so it should be check this problem immediately and also check the other related problem based on reference of user manual

Voltage switch on/off

Switch on/off for high voltage for safety of flushing process or using under special condition.

Technical Data of Spray Gun

WAGNER GM5000EA Electrostatic Spray Gun


As the long experience of WAGNER for electrostatic spray gun for solvent-based paint, it is designed and built for air spray type with high atomize performance and wrap around performance for each workpiece to be same standard for every unit and apply for various type of paint.

The suitable workpiece is the small size, more complex and regular for general industry and automotive component industry.

You may see more further information by clicking at "DETAILS" for ENGLISH version.


WAGNER GM5000EAC Electrostatic Spray Gun

Air Coat Method

The combination of 3 technologies within the same spray gun which include, air spray, airless high pressure spray and wrap around effect by electrostatic technology so the efficient of spray gun is high and provide a lot of productivity and obtain a lot of return from investment.

The suitable workpiece is the large size or machine making by order. Large work piece with complex surface that it cause for air coat requirement.

You may see more further information by clicking at "DETAILS" for ENGLISH version.

Contact Info for product inquiry

Electrostatic Spray Gun WAGNER GM5000

Manual electrostatic spray gun WAGNER GM5000 from Germany has a high performance of paint induction into workpiece that help to reduce the paint consumption in huge number for large scale of mass production and high performance of coating capacity which increase the productivity higher. There have 2 types, GM5000EA for air spray application and GM5000EAC for AirCoat application.

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