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For large workpiece from machine make or large complex workpiece and require high pressure spray for fast operating

High Pressure Spraying with supporting from electrostatic technology


The example of large workpiece, machine making by order, water tank, large metal furniture that it take operating time more than other type of workpiece even there have an electrostatic technology to support. In order to chive the objective of production that there have the time limit but it need to increase a production volume and reduce the material consumption. We can separate the condition and solution for following below requirement.
1. Quick Painting Cover a huge surface area and spend a few timing. Spraying with airless high pressure can respond this requirement.
2. Cover totally a workpiece surface for whole body  Spraying with air spray can reach the paint into the workpiece surface.
3. Reducing the material consumption rate The electrostatic technology support the wrap around effect that it help to save the material consumption rate and also increase pace of operating time.

Therefore. the combination of 3 advantages make the GM5000EAC to be high speed spray gun, high performance of wrap around effect and material saving so many of user use this spray gun for large work piece.

Significant Spare Part for GM5000EAC

Air Cap

EAC's air cap make the low air pressure to control high pressure spray pattern to achieve the good atomizing performance. There have 2 types for flat nozzle and round nozzle.


Nozzle for GM5000EAC will be separated for flat nozzle and round nozzle for perfect finish. If nozzle is clog after operating, you can re-insert nozzle by turning nozzle direction at 180 angle and spray out. The clog wil be push out from nozzle.

Gun Filter

As the high pressure spraying, the material must be small particle because the nozzle size is smaller than nozzle for air spray method and it is required the filter in order to avoid the clog in nozzle. You can change the filter without release paint hose for reducing the operating time.

Technical Data of Spray Gun and Accessories

GM5000EA with Spiral Tube.png

WAGNER GM5000EAC Electrostatic Spray Gun

Summary Technical Data

Max. Air Pressure: 8 Bar
Max. Paint Pressure: 250 Bar
Weight: 710 g
Paint Resistant: > 150 kOhm

The suitable workpiece is the large size or machine making by order. Large work piece with complex surface that it cause for air coat requirement.

The technical data include , dimension of spray gun, technical rate table and paint flow graph. You may click “TECHNICAL DATA GM5000EAC” for more information.

Accessories for GM5000EAC

GM5000EAC require an accessories which make it to be completed set. Please click at “DETAILS” on below to see technical data for each item. Especially, technical data of VM5000 present the connecting between VM5000 and electrostatic manual spray gun.

VM5000 Controller Unit
Nozzle and Air Cap
Hose Package
Recommended Feeding Unit for GM5000EAC

There have a 2 types of feeding unit which is suitable for GM5000EAC spray gun as the operating pressure at between 100 - 250 bar. You may see more further information by clicking at "DETAILS" for ENGLISH version.

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

Electrostatic Air Spray Gun WAGNER GM5000EAC

This solvent-based spray gun is operated based on electrostatic principle by paint induction into workpiece automatically that it support sprayer to save a paint consumption with full performance and increase significantly the production capacity in painting process. As the spraying method is Air Coat, it is suitable to spray quickly a large workpiece and has a low pressure air pattern make coating quality to be better.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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