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Multi Purpose Pressure Tank for Air Spray Applicaition


AIR PRO AT Series Pressure Tank

Basic Simply Feeding Unit. Still be significant item in production line.

The feeding unit is driven by air pressure. Air pressure is feed into pressure tank and use it to feed paint into spray equipment and liquid outlet unit. The operation is simply. You just pour the paint into container and feed air pressure following the pressure limit in order to operate pressure tank. With the high performance product, it is applicable to use with advance spray gun without problem whether air spray gun or electrostatic air spray gun. The pressure tank product set include a stainless inner container that it can extend the useful life.

Air Spray gun for Pressure tank

Spray gun for this feeding unit is require the air spray gun type only. Please click at “DETALS” to see more further information.

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

AIR PRO Pressure tank for liquid coating

The high quality pressure for liquid air spray. Every pressure tank unit include stainless inner tank in pack and there have alternative choice to change the suction tube and agitator shaft from metal to be stainless which is compatible with water-based paint.

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