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Coating Booth for Liquid Paint and Chemical.
High Quality Booth from ANEST IWATA

Booth system for liquid paint and chemical coating with highest quality and environment friendly

The effect that it can not be avoided from liquid paint and chemical application whatever the type of paint booth, the pollution from paint atomizing flow which haven’t coated a workpiece will be paint dust and it is not appropriated for environment. Even the modern paint spraying equipment has been developed to reduce the atomizing flow and increase contact success rate to be higher but there still have a remaining paint atomizing flow that it is failed to contact workpiece. Although the contact failure rate is lower as the modern technology of spray gun but those of paint dust still be pollution and ANEST IWATA booth system handle to isolated its.

Overall of ANEST IWATA Paint Booth Feature

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ANEST IWATA paint booth have the feature of managing the pollution following as below;

- The system of collection and elimination the paint dust of booth is high efficient, isolate the paint dust in booth area. There have a protocol of collection paint dust with high quality of booth component and great operating system whatever collection paint dust by water of Venturi booth or collection by filter of dry booth.
- Utilize the paint booth area with highest efficiency. There have many booth are size be available for selection and every part and component of booth is magnitude.
- operator to perform service maintenance more convenience.
- Finally, whatever type of booth from ANEST IWATA, the booth operation is designed to be environment friendly.

Before enter to see the details of technical data for each booth. Please click at “LIQUID BOOTH BACKGROUND” to see the overview and concept of ANEST IWATA Booth.

Type of resources for collection and elimination paint dust

Generally, the collection and eliminate the paint dust method can be done by water resources and dry resources. For dry resources, it will be separated into collection by filter cartridge and baffle sheet.

Using water resources for collection and elimination paint dust

Water is a high performance resources to catch the paint dust and be used as water fall type and downward suction into water tank type that it isolate the paint dust atomizing within spray booth and both of 2 types have water circulation process with swirl chamber which direct the water flow into direction following as spray booth processing.

Collection and elimination paint dust without water resources (Dry Booth)

Dry booths are separated into 2 types which are collection paint dust with filter cartridge and collection with baffle sheet. For filter cartridge, it is required to be used within Air balance booth system which use the circulation of air direction and move paint dust into filter. Meanwhile, the baffle sheet type which operated by installing the baffle sheet behind the spray line and paint dust will be atomized into baffle sheet. There have 2 sheets are collection process. The primary filter and secondary filter for catch and eliminate totally.

Type of paint booth for liquid coating

ANEST IWATA provide the choice of spray booth which are Venturi booth and Dry booth. Each of spray booth has the same objective that it eliminate the pollution from paint spray and create the collection and eliminating paint dust process. The pollution and every process must have done within booth area only.

The selection of spray booth is referred to condition of application as priority and facilities which is used for spray booth. If the working area place water channel and connect to spray booth and utilize appropriately the working area, you can consider Venturi booth type. But if you would like to use dry resources such as filter cartridge and baffle sheet, you may consider Dry booth type.

For details of each spray booth system, you may click at “SHORT CUT” to see more details of spray booth system type. Whatever you choose spray booth type, as the name of ANEST IWATA which is the leading brand of liquid spray equipment and system. It will not make you feel disappoint.

Venturi Booth

Dry Booth

VENTURI BOOTH for Liquid Coating

Venturi Booth System of ANEST IWATA are classified into 3 models for standard type which are VBW as water fall type and VB model for downward suction into water tank type and keep paint dust on the front area and VBM model which keep paint dust rear area of booth. In addition, they have special model VBP which use the pitfall to keep water. You can select the Venturi booth system which depend on your application as using water as the main resource for collection paint dust.

Venturi Booth System VBW Model

Technical Data Summary

Type of collection Paint Dust: Water Fall
Collection Efficiency
Melamine Paint: 97% (Reference Value)
Lacquer Primer Paint: 96% (Reference Value)
Arcrylic Urethane Paint: 93% (Reference Value))
Polyurethane PAint: 95% (Reference Value)

Type exhaust Fan: Turbo (Direct Motor)
Motor Type: Enclosed Fan 380V 4P
Pump Type: In-line pump

The venturi booth system collect the paint dust by using water fall and move downward paint dust into below water tank at the front area of booth. VBW separate the model into 5 types which depend on booth size. For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - VBW”.

VB Venturi Booth


Technical Data Summary

Type of collection Paint Dust: Suction Paint downward into water tank
Collection Efficiency
Melamine Paint: 97% (Reference Value)
Lacquer Primer Paint: 96% (Reference Value)
Arcrylic Urethane Paint: 93% (Reference Value))
Polyurethane PAint: 95% (Reference Value)

Type exhaust Fan: Turbo (Direct Motor)
Motor Type: Enclosed Fan 380V 4P

The Venturi booth system use the suction paint dust downward into water tank. There have normal type VB that the collection paint dust area is placed at the front area of booth and special model VBM that move the collection paint area at the rear area of booth and you can perform maintenance work and spray work at the same time. For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - VB”.

Component of Venturi Booth

Venturi Booth Component is classified into 2 groups which are standard component and alternative component that it can replace the standard component and provide the additional feature.

Standard Component: VBL Booth with normal fluorescent lights

Standard booth which include the component following as below;

Standard Fluorescent Lights
Tempered Glass
Panel with Packing

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - VBL”

Standard Component: Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan is installed at the standard position but you can adjust the direction of fan. The adjustment position must follow the required position of ANEST IWATA.

You can see the required direction of exhaust fan and technical data by clicking at “TECHNICAL DATA - EX.FAN”

Alternative Component: VBD Booth with explosion proof lamp

Booth with explosion proof part that it include explosion safety fluorescent lamp and related component.

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - VBD”

Alternative Component: VBH Booth with high ceiling

This model is standard Venturi booth with its hood located 500mm higher. The exhaust fan is of the standard specifications.

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - VBH”

Alternative Component: VBP Booth with Pit Type

Venturi Spray booth pit type that you can remove the water tank out of spray booth. There have 7 types and the pit installation must be done by yourself.

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - VBP”

DRY BOOTH for Liquid Coating

Liquid Booth system that water is not a resources for paint dust collection but use another method to perform the collection. There have 2 types. VBC booth system use the filter cartridge to collect paint dust and be conveyed by air flow circulation and BB booth use baffle sheet that they have 2 layers, primary filter and secondary filter.

VBC: Dry Booth System by Air Balance and Filter Cartridge

Technical Data Summary

Feed the clean air into VBC Air Balance Booth System in order to make air circulation and trap the paint atomizing flow within booth to achieve a more beautiful painting and a more comfortable working environment.

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - VBC”

BB: Dry Booth System by Baffle Sheet

Technical Data Summary

The baffle plate acts as a primary filter that collides and collects the paint mist. Baffle plate surface is specially processed to enhance the collection efficiency, and because of the unique combination and arrangement of baffle plate, most of the paint mist will be collected here. Secondary filtration net will then filter and collect small paint mist that didn’t stick to the baffle plate.

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - BB”

Contact Info and Quotation Inquiry

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Liquid Coating Booth System of ANEST IWATA

High quality Booth system from ANEST IWATA that it is designed for liquid coating. Advance technology of liquid coating booth from Japan, guarantee the performance of application and environment friendly.

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