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Painting Equipment for D.I.Y. Project and Consumer Level

Finishing Project in mini scales. Everyone can do it

ROM proud to present WAGNER's paint spray product (or we may call “consumer division”) for D.I.Y.'s job which bring the innovation and technologies of professional finishing product to be used in household and personal user level. Providing the supreme performance and quality as same as professional product. Therefore, even you are an amateur level, WAGNER consumer product support you perform the surface coating result same as professional level.

D.I.Y. Painting Device include mini electric airless spray gun W180P, cordless electric air spray gun W600 and heat gun FURNO 750 which is the best heat gun of WAGNER. Before you see a details of each item, you may see the overview and reason why you select the D.I.Y. painting device by clicking at “D.I.Y. BACKGROUND” in order to see the suggestion and advantage of device.


WAGNER W180P: Mini Electric Airless Spray Gun

Technical Data Summary

Voltage: 230V
Max. Flow Rate: 270 ml/min
Max. Pressure: 150 Bar
Cup Capacity: 800 ml
Weight: 1.5 kg
Nozzle Size: 0.8 mm

This is the mini-scale airless spray gun for personal use. With airless system, material paint will be sprayed by pressure without air bubble so it support to reduce spread rate in material flow. It's available to use with water based, solvent based, enamel, cleaning agent, varnish and etc. Regular in general paint spraying.

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - W180P and click at “DEMO VIDEO - W180P for video presentation at video link.


WAGNER W600: Cordless Electric Air Spray Gun


Technical Data Summary

Electricity: Cordless Battery
Max. Flow Rate: 500 ml/min

Cup Capacity:

Paint and varnish 800 ml
Wall painting 1,300 ml

Weight (Battery Included): 1.7 kg

Multi purpose electric air spray gun from WAGNER. Now it has been shown with cordless device due it is driven by 18V battery from Bosch. You can reach to painting area easier than before. No cord restrict your working area anymore.

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - W600 and click at “DEMO VIDEO - W600 for video presentation at video link.

You can see more details of Bosch battery which is used as the main power.

Heat Gun Background.png



Technical Data Summary

Temperature (Approximate):
60 - 630 celsius

Temp. Adjustment: Fully
Airflow Setting: 6 level
Airflow Rate: 820 l/min
Power: 2,000 W
Voltage: 220 - 240V
Weight: 0.9 kg

Application of old paint and varnish removal, defrosting, shrinking, bending losening, igniting and ETC. ROM choose the Furno Heat gun from WAGNER German which is suitable to use with voltage system in Thailand (220V) and Furno 750 is the top model of WAGNER heat gun.

For further information, please click at “TECHNICAL DATA - F750 and click at “DEMO VIDEO - F750 for video presentation at video link.

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

D.I.Y. Painting Device and Small work

D.I.Y. Painting Device and spray gun for household level. There have D.I.Y. device such as W-180P is the mini electric airless spray gun. W-600 is the cordless electric air spray gun and Heat Gun. The high quality D.I.Y. painting equipment from WAGNER

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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