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Plaster Coating Unit for Mortar

This equipment support for plaster coating project with mortar.
To be finished quickly and get the high quality of coating.
With the quality equipment for heavy duty application.

Plaster Coating Device with Electric Spiral Pump

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Summary Technical Data:

Max. Delivery Rate: 15 Litres/min
Max. Pressure: 40 Bar
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Weight: 58.00 KG
Max. Grain Size: 6 mm

Plast Coat is the high performance for mortar spraying application which is suitable for plaster coat on wall surface. Provide the best spraying performance which make surface to be smoothly, uniformity thickness, time saving and low maintenance expenses because it is simply use and maintenance.

This unit is designed for mortar with water only and it can not mix the mortar by itself. It require to mix mortar outside. For more information, please click “TECHNICAL DATA”.

Related Information with PC1030

Related information include the key driver of PC1030 which is the spiral pump that it feed the mortar material into spray lance and C330 compressor that it require to use with PC1030 when you need a mortar spray application. And the alternative equipment like mixer equipment Plastmix 15 that you can use to mix mortar and feed to PC1030.

Spiral Pump.png
C330 Compressor
Plastmix 15.png

Demonstration Video for PC1030 Operation

PC1030 Operating Instruction Video
Click at Video Icon to see link

Video Credit:

WAGNER Australia, Decorative Finishing Department

PC1030 Set-up and Cleaning Instruction Video
Click at Video Icon to see link

Video Credit:

WAGNER GmbH, Decorative Finishing Department

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

Plaster Coat Unit WAGNER PC1030

Plaster Coat unit from WAGNER, PC1030 model is compatible for water mixing mortar material. Sell with field work compressor C330 which provide consistently the flow rate.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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