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Foam Injection Unit for concrete cracking repair

The best of liquid injection device for Grouting Project
Available for foam injection, epoxy and other chemical by injecting
With the most precise, controllable and consistency equipment.

The foam injection unit with electric diaphragm pump.

SF 23 Pro-I Set.png


Summary of Technical Data:

Max. Injection Rate: 2.6 Litres/min
Max. Pressure: 250 Bar
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Weight: 29.00 KG
Max. Viscosity: 20,000 mPas

This diaphragm unit can use for grouting work by using Airless system to compatible with foam and epoxy. Especially, when using for injection working, there is no air bubble in chemical and diaphragm system make equipment to more durable, robust and low maintenance expenses. It can start working at low pressure 10 - 20 Bar which depend on work requirement and compatible to use with high viscosity material. Simply maintenance and available to cleaning at building site.

For more information, please click “TECHNICAL DATA”.

Related Accessories for Foam Injection Unit

Injection Packer.png

Injection Packer for plug in surface before foam injecting. There have 2 types available in ROM stock. The standard type is 13 x 199 mm and long type 13 x 180 mm.

Generally, the foam injection unit set include the 50 units of injection packer but you can purchase more later. For further information, please click at “DETAILS”

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

PU Foam Injection Unit WAGNER Super Finish 23 Pro-I

Airless Foam Injection Unit WAGNER Super Finish 23-I for concrete crack renovation and epoxy injection with electric diaphragm pump which provide consistently the injection rate not more than 20 bar and high durable unit. Sell with filler valve and injection packer set in unit set and it is available for sell separately in case of additional purchase.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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