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SATA JET X 5500 Automotive Refinishing Spray Gun

Revolutionary of nozzle system
Highest Efficient
Low noise level and close to silence
Durable and quality always be consistent.

One of the top automotive refinishing spray gun brand in the world.

SATA JET 5500 Background - Five.png

SATA is the top brand of automotive refinishing spray gun from Germany. They are always the top line of refinishing spray gun with the unique technology and the greatest performance which is classified to be one of the greatest spray gun. This model is designed to be applied with most of automotive paint manufacturer. Especially, the specific paint specification of each brand can be handled by SATA spray gun without problem.

SATA spray gun create the reliable value to sprayer in order to achieve the perfect coating quality that ever existed. As the spraying technology which is innovated and separated into different application purpose and generate the applying performance into the limit. The spraying technology is separated into 2 mains application. First, HVLP technology which is recommended for base coat painting and RP for clear coating and high atomizing rate coating.

The spray gun that whatever you move far from surface (In suitable distance), the shape of spray pattern always be the same through our the painting process.

Spray gun performance is sufficient to handle the special specification paint.

If you expect to get the best automotive refinishing spray gun, you require that it must be applied for many of automotive paint manufacture. SATA spray gun is the best answer and might be following your highest expectation. For example, the color match, brilliance, color effect, paint distribution as well as gloss are created from this spray gun. Those of key factor determine clearly the quality of spray gun.

With the SATA gravity cup spray gun, it is possible to be applied with various viscosity level and due the spray gun provide the optimized atomizing cloud. We guarantee that you will get the best quality of surface coating with many of nozzle which is available for your selection and it will be suitable for all types of automotive paint and suitable for many kind of industry.

Especially, the specific paint formula of automotive manufacturer or some industry create the special paint specification and be used only in this place. SATA spray gun has a high possible to handle those kind of paint.

Feature of SATA JET X 5500 and X Nozzle System

SATA Pic - 1.png

The flag ship of SATA spray gun that it revolve many feature of spray gun. One of the key revolving point is X nozzle system. We can say that it determine the next standard of nozzle spray gun.

The ideal of X nozzle determine that the nozzle must be simply used and be used immediately from first time using. X-Nozzle system is available both HVLP type and RP type. The nozzle will be 2 types. The O-nozzle (Oval Type) provide the standard of pattern shape and coating area is sufficient width for application. The I-Nozzle (narrow line type) provide the narrow pattern shape but the coating thickness is more consistent. It compensate a slower working but the coating quality is worth.

In addition, the gun handle is designed to be more ergonomic that sprayer can hold the spray gun longer. The gun material can be handle for many type of automotive paint.

Whether you choose SATA JET X 5500 HVLP type or RP type, we guarantee that you will get the best of spray gun as we have and all of these paragraph will have more details of SATA JET X 5500 feature. You can see more information by clicking at “SATA JET X 5500 FEATURE” button that it will help you to choose the most suitable spray gun.

Technical Data of SATA JET X 5500 - HVLP

SATA JET X 5500 - HVLP App Pic.png


Technical Data Summary

Spray Gun Type: HVLP
Nozzle Size:
1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 (mm)

Air Consumption: 430 litres/min
Recommended Pressure: 0.7 Bar
Spray Distance: 10 - 15 mm
Coating Success Rate: 70%
Weight (without cup): 498 g

HVLP Spray gun type that the structure and capability are suitable for base coat application. The spray pattern shape similar bell shape which is narrow than normal pressure or medium pressure spray gun. At this designed, it can perform the base coat application to be perfect coating quality.

This spray gun require the air consumption rate at 430 litres/min in order to maintain the outlet air pressure from air cap at range 0.7 bar and create the low pressure spray pattern with high performance. Although the working speed is slower but the coating performance is better with coating success rate up to 70%.

For further information, please click at “ TECHNICAL DATA - HVLP” to see more details.

Technical Data of SATA JET X 5500 - RP

SATA JET X 5500 - RP App Pic.png

SATA JET X 5500 - RP

Technical Data Summary

Spray Gun Type: RP
Nozzle Size:
1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 (mm)

Air Consumption: 290 litres/min
Recommended Pressure: 1.8 Bar
Spray Distance: 17 - 21 mm
Coating Success Rate: 65%
Weight (without cup): 498 g

The medium spray gun is represented by wording “RP”. RP is referred to reduce pressure. It’s mean reduce the pressure range from 3.0 - 4.0 bar which is the high pressure level to be medium pressure at 1.8 bar.

The paint atomizing flow is larger than HVLP type so the spray distance is 17 - 21 cm so this spray gun is suitable for clear coating or large atomizing application and need higher air pressure to spray paint out. Therefore, it can be applied with high viscosity paint. The success rate of coating is 65% due the spray pattern shaper is wider than HVLP.

For further information, please click at “ TECHNICAL DATA” to see more details.

Accessories for SATA Refinishing Spray Gun

Accessories of SATA JET X 5500 include air pressure gauge both analog type and digital type (Adam 2 Series) for precise control air pressure. RPS paint cup for enhancing of all operating dimension which are mixing, spraying and storing. Finally, the maintenance kit SATA care set. Please click at “DETAILS” for further information of each product.

SATA Micro Meter.jpg
Air Pressure Gauge
RPS Picture.jpeg
RPS Paint Cup
SATA Care Set

Paint Viscosity Measurement Cup


Even you have a RPS cup for enhancing the paint application with 3 operating dimensions but don’t forget that the key factor of mixing dimension is about paint viscosity.

ROM distribute 2 types of paint viscosity cup which are the NK-2 cup for Japanese standard and Din cup4 for German standard.

Those of 2 viscosity measurement paint cup are available for many of automotive paint manufacturer. Therefore, you can enhance the performance perfectly of paint preparation with RPS cup. Please click at “DETAILS” to see more information of paint viscosity measurement cup of each type.

Paint Viscosity Cup

Demonstration Video of SATA

Introduction of SATA JET X 5500 Spray Gun (ENGLISH Version)

Video Credit:

SATA Gmbh and Co. KG

Introduction of SATA JET X 5500 Spray Gun (THAI Version)

Video Credit:

SS Advance Tech Co.,Ltd

Selection HVLP or RP spray gun model video (THAI Version)

Video Credit:

SS Advance Tech Co.,Ltd

RPS Original Feature Video - Bendable

Video Credit:

SATA Gmbh and Co. KG

RPS Original Feature Video - Clean

Video Credit:

SATA Gmbh and Co. KG

RPS Original Feature Video - Safe

Video Credit:

SATA Gmbh and Co. KG

RPS Original Feature Video - Refilling

Video Credit:

SATA Gmbh and Co. KG

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

SATA JET X 5500 Refinishing Spray Gun

The top model of SATA which has the high performance for all kinds of automotive paint even the special paint tone from each automotive brand that it can handle by X nozzle technology and separate into 2 types, HVLP and RP which make the spraying of each type to be highest performance whether base coat or clear coat respectively.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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