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Highest Technology of SAMES Powder Coating


Powder Rotary Bell Atomizer INOBELL

INOBell is a rotating electrostatic powder bell sprayer that delivers high performance, excellent finishing quality & easy integration. It allows the application of powder paint on all types of surfaces with a particular effectiveness on flat surfaces.

- High transfer rate than ordinary powder spray gun
- Easy maintenance
- Easy integration
- Excellent finishing quality

Advantage of Powder Bell.png


The powder is supplied via the central tube and is rotated by the bell cup. It is electrically charged when it leaves the bell and heads towards the object to be coated in a very wide and enveloping spray. The powder is both electrically charged and sprayed by this flat shaped bell, that rotates at high speed. The bell itself acts as an electrode by bombarding the powder particles with ions, thus providing the powder with a high electrical charge. The rotary bell cup associated to the high voltage ensures:

- A high level of productivity (paint flow of over 500g/min).
- Homogeneous coating.
- An adjustable spray paint pattern.
- A maximum coverage of parts to be paint (the electrostatic wrap round effect permits a transfer of paint behind the part).
- An economy of paint (the transfer efficiency is high, and can reach over 80%) thanks to the high transfer charge. The precise control of the coating thickness is made possible by the powder bell powder is economised.

New Innovation of SAMES Rotary Bell Technology

Integrated high voltage unit (UHT165)

    - No high voltage cable
    - Less maintenance
    - Easy to install
    - Staff safety.
INOBELL Part.png

Simplified Design

    - Compact and ergonomic system
    - Access and wiring improved
    - Equipment simple to install
    - Number of parts reduced.

New removable turbine cartridge

    - Integrated & variable shaping air (proportional adjustment on TCR module)
    - Removable powder bell cup.
    - Improved bearing protection.
    - Improved motor efficiency.

Flexible air shroud

This enables a fast and marked variation of the size of impact. Controlling the pattern allows the width of the impact to be proportionally adjusted during application (from 300 to 450 mm).

New Speed Measuring System

Greater precision in the application of the paint.

Performance of INOBELL

    - Adjustable air shroud: Allows a rapid and marked variation in cloud size. Control of the jet can adjust the width of the cloud being implemented, proportionally
    - Excellent regularity of film build-up: The quality of finish meets the most stringent and tight D.O.I. (Distinctiveness of image).
    - Speed detection for increased application control
    - Strong electrostatic charge - up to 20% more transfer efficiency compared to conventional guns
    - Flowrate of 1 INOBELL equivalent to 2 conventional guns

Service Maintenance

    - Single block design with fewer number of parts
    - Powder bell is easy to disassemble
    - Integrated high voltage unit: no high voltage cable

Equipment set of INOBELL Powder Automatic Spray Gun

Main Equipment of INOBELL Series

The INOBELL sprayer is equipped with a mechanical bearing turbine. It may have a fixed mounting due to its large impact or on a reciprocator.

This sprayer is piloted by the TCR module module (1). It manages the rotation speed of the turbine used to spray powder coatings at all times on the digital display on the front face. This module is equipped with a grounded cable, a plug for local command and two connections (2) to control the spray gun and a sensor to measure the speed of rotation.

The powder supply is made thanks to a CS130 powder pump (3).

The powder is brought to high voltage by contact with the bell cup through an integrated high voltage unit into the sprayer. The low voltage is supplied through a specific cable (2) connected inside the INOBELL.

Main Equipment of INOBELL Set

INOBELL Auto Spray Gun

The standard type of powder bell atomizer for normal gun holder, with the large powder pattern which is equivalent with 2 normal powder spray gun. As the wide pattern and large powder consumption, the workpiece must be suitable with INOBELL. For example, wheels workpiece and the production volume must be large sufficient for break-even point of investment.

You can see more further information by clicking at "INOBELL" for technical data.


INOBELL R for Robot

INOBELL R is the another type of Powder rotary bell atomizer which is designed for applying with robot. As the performance of robot application, it has a flexible moving range and reaching to difficult surface are better than ordinary spray gun so using a robot application optimize the performance of INOBELL R more than ordinary type. There are electrical safety, reliability and ease of maintainability.

- Increased productivity
- Excellent Finishing Quality
- Easy Maintenance

Main Controller Unit TCR

INOBELL and INOBELL R must be controlled via this control unit because the operating procedure is unique and need specific control unit as TCR which is created with following feature on below;

- Storing of parameters,
- Easy to wire in,
- Clear and visible user interface,
- Easier to integrate:
- Standard size 19’’ - 2U,
- Complete unit ready to integrate,
- No work required on the software,
- Simplified wiring between the module and the sprayer

For further information, please click at "TCR" for example of screen and technical data

Accessories for INOBELL

Powder Pump CS130

The device for managing the draining powder into pump and feeding into spray gun. Whether manual type of automatic type, It is always apply with CS130. For Thailand territory, this powder pump can be used with 60L hopper and CS130 will be sold together with special adapter for 60L and 160L.

For further information. Please click at “DETAILS”.

160L Hopper.jpeg
HI-COLO Stainless Hopper

The powder hopper from China that ROM import to use with SAMES INOCART H. This hopper is made from high quality of stainless steel and be built with 160L capacity (COLO-R01) for automatic system. As the powder flow rate of INOBELL is up to 500g/min, the powder container must be large sufficiently for rotary atomizing application. Therefore, COLO-R01 may be suitable for INOBELL because the capacity is sufficient and reduce the powder refilling time.

For further information. Please click at “DETAILS”.

Related Video for INOBELL Demonstration

INOGUN A and INOBELL Video Presentation:
Please click the video icon to see the video link

Video Credit:
SAMES, Powder Division, France

Product Original Information:
INOBELL Equipment Range

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

SAMES INOBELL: The powder rotary bell atomizer

As the SAMES technology for bell atomizer is the top level of performance, this technology is forwarded to powder coating equipment to be SAMES INOBELL that it take the highest level of performance for automatic powder spraying. Provide flow rate at 500g/min and make the same thickness level for whole workpiece.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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