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Automatic Picture - 9.png



Automatic Picture - 9.png

Automatic Powder Spray Gun INOGUN A from SAMES is designed and built at the same basic structure of INOGUN M. Especially, the spare part, nozzle and electrode support are the same item. Except the gun body is created for automatic application purpose. Therefore, the maintenance protocol for overall is simply and you can stock the same spare part. It is comfort for maintenance activity management.

This equipment is designed and built under TEC5 technology that it is outstanding for coating surface quality and performance of electric using and powder consumption are efficient. In addition, there have INOGIUN R type for applying with robot application that it make be more comfort for installing, powder hose air hose and wire. connecting.

Automatic Picture - 2.png

The automatic powder spray gun for INOGUN A and INOGUN R are controlled by controller unit that there have 2 types are below;

- Direct Controller Unit INOBOX NF (1 by 1 Control).
- Subsidiary Controller Unit INCONTROLLER (It’s controlled by PLC).

Both of 2 types controller units are the alternative choice for user in order to design independently the automatic system control. INOCONTROLLER unit is built for automatic system that it’s required to be controlled from center of system control.

For powder feeding process, using CS130 powder pump in order to handle the deliver powder from powder hopper to spray gun. The powder hopper is available for 160L size “COLO-R01” which can be connected with up to 10 spray gun or you can use the standard powder hopper size COLO-62B for 60L that it can be connected with up to 3 spray gun.

Type of Automatic Powder Spray Gun


INOGUN A the standard application

The standard type of automatic powder spray gun that it can be installed with normal gun holder or holder in reciprocator. There have 2 types of INOGUN A for normal type and fast color change version (INOGUN A FCC)

The structure and spare part are the same as INOGUN M and special model INOGUN R. All of them are corona charge type so the maintenance for automatic system is simply because it use the same spare part and make the same maintenance plan.

For further information. Please click at “DETAILS - INOGUN A"


INOGUN R for Robotic Application

The special model for automatic corona charge type of powder spray gun. The gun body for attaching section is changed for installing with robot. This type include the special gun holder which install easily with robot but the application is the same as standard type.

However, the movement of robot is more diverse than normal type of gun holder so it can reach to surface better. Therefore, there have 2 sub-version of INOGUN R that it install twin INOGUN R at the same gun holder and improve the coating surface to be better.

For further information. Please click at “DETAILS - INOGUN R"

Accessories for Automatic Powder Spray Gun

Direct Controller Unit INOBOX

The center of powder application control. It determine the value of voltage, current, air pressure and paint volume. Those of value setting can determine the quality of coating and also has wear part notification for replacement. You can set the time round for wear part replacement for maintenance activity.

For further information. Please click at ““DETAILS - INOGUN INOBOX"


If the automatic system require to use a large amount of spray gun and require to adjust spray gun parameter at center control. INOCONTROLLER is the suitable device because it is a subsidiary contoller unit that it receive the command data from PLC and relay precisely the data to spray gun.

For further information. Please click at “INOCONTROLLER Technical Data”.

Powder Pump CS130

The device for managing the draining powder into pump and feeding into spray gun. Whether manual type of automatic type, It is always apply with CS130. For Thailand territory, this powder pump can be used with 60L hopper and CS130 will be sold together with special adapter for 60L and 160L.
For further information. Please click at “DETAILS - CS-130"

160L Hopper.jpeg
HI-COLO Stainless Powder Hopper

The powder hopper from China that ROM import to use with SAMES INOCART H. This hopper is made from high quality of stainless steel and be built with 160L capacity (COLO-R01) for automatic system that it can connect up to 10 spray gun or standard type 60L capacity (COLO-62B) that it can connect up to 3 spray gun. This hopper can be used with powder set from other brand.
For further information. Please click at “DETAILS - HI-COLO"

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

Automatic Powder Spray Gun SAMES INOGUN A

INOGUN A, the automatic Powder Spray gun from SAMES. INOGUN A is the standard type and INOGUN R is the special model for robot. It is operated with INOBOX, the single gun control unit and INOCONTROLLER, the control unit for multi-gun. And also be used with CS130, the powder pump and powder hopper stainless from HI-COLO which is available for 60L and 160L.

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