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Manual Powder Coating Application

All powder application item are included within single cart

Since SAMES start the powder business at 2018 with the technology which is developed by themselves. The first equipment is INOCART series. The cart for powder manual application which has the 3 primary equipments are following as below;

- Manual Powder Spray gun INOGUN M
- Powder Control Unit INOBOX
- Powder Pump CS 130

The control unit INOBOX is separated following the type of INOCART. The hopper cart type “INOCART H” include powder hopper 60L and be controlled by INOBOX H. The direct suction from powder box type “INOCART VT” include electric vibrator trolley and be controlled by INOBOX VT. Both spray gun and control unit are built under TEC5 technology which is the latest innovation of electrostatic spraying method. As TEC5, the performance is excellent and make customer feel confident for their powder application. Exactly, all primary unit is imported directly from original manufacturer.


As ROM is the authorized SAMES distributor of powder business, we have alternative choice for customer in Thailand territory. Especially, the INOCART H in Thailand include HI-COLO stainless powder hopper from CHINA. Not only the price is reasonable, the quality of this 60L stainless tank is acceptable and we confident to guarantee that it is usable and be reliable. In addition, you can choose the cart type.

However, the direct suction type. INOCART VT is required to imported all set from France because “VT Type” cart is electric vibrator cart.

Type of Powder Manual Set

Powder Manual Set with 60L Hopper

The standard unit which include 3 primary equipment. INOGUN M spray gun, INOBOX Control unit and CS130 powder pump and collaborate with HI-COLO powder hopper 60L that the fluidize bed is included in hopper and manual cart which is designed for SAMES manual powder coating set.

The advantage of 60L application. If you use the same powder tone for a long time and change a few color tone. Using stainless powder hopper from HI-COLO can save the cost of powder set for applicator who use with 2 - 3 powder tone and you may buy additional stainless powder hopper for other powder tone.

In other hand, if you would not want to use powder cart, you can buy 3 primary equipment only and stainless powder hopper.

You may see the further information by clicking “DETAILS INOCART H”


Powder Manual Set Direct Suction Type

Special Type “INOCART VT” for applicator who need change frequently powder tone. Many of powder application for customizing job and job order require to use with various powder tone and consume the powder volume less than 60L type.

The direct suction cart feed the powder from powder box by placing the powder box on electric vibration table cart then the cart will vibrate the powder box through out the working time in order to make powder to be scattered that it support powder tube drain easily powder into powder pump CS130.

It is not a normal cart in account of it is vibrating table cart. The vibrating force is driven by electric power that the vibrating stroke is better than vibrating force by pneumatic in order to keep stroke be constant. That’s why all set of direct suction cart is required to be imported from original manufacturer at France.

This manual set unit is suitable for applicator who need change powder tone more frequently. You may see the further information by clicking “DETAILS INOCART VT”

Accessories for Powder Manual Set

Manual Powder Spray Gun INOGUN M

The standard manual powder spray gun which is included both INOCART H set (60L) and INOCART VT (Direct Suction). This is a new re-design for ergonomic concern, lightweight and compact for long time handling. There have a few spare part number and it can be replaced easily, long-time for use and simply maintenance.

You may see more further information by clicking "DETAILS"

INOBOX Backgroud.png
Powder Application Control Unit INOBOX

The center of powder application control. It determine the value of voltage, current, air pressure and paint volume. Those of value setting can determine the quality of coating and also has wear part notification for replacement. You can set the time round for wear part replacement for maintenance activity.

You may see more further information by clicking "DETAILS".

CS130 Powder Pump

The device for managing the draining powder into pump and feeding into spray gun. Whether manual type of automatic type, It is always apply with CS130. For Thailand territory, this powder pump can be used with 60L hopper and CS130 will be sold together with special adapter for 60L. You may see more further information by clicking "DETAILS CS-130"

Stainless Powder Hopper HI-COLO

The powder hopper from China that ROM import to use with SAMES INOCART H. This hopper is made from high quality of stainless steel and be built with 60L capacity and also has 160L capacity version for automatic system. This hopper can be used with powder set from other brand. You may see more further information by clicking "DETAILS HI-COLO".

Related Demonstration Video of SAMES Manual Set

Operating Video of SAMES Powder Set:
Unboxing and Identification Part of INOCART VT Set

Video Credit:
SAMES SAS, Powder Division, France

Operating Video of SAMES Powder Set:
Pneumatic and Electrical Connections of the Manual Set

Video Credit:
SAMES SAS, Powder Division, France

Operating Video of SAMES Powder Set:
Operator Screens for the SAMES INOBOX Part 1

Video Credit:
SAMES SAS, Powder Division, France

Operating Video of SAMES Powder Set:
Operator Screens for the SAMES INOBOX Part 2

Video Credit:
SAMES SAS, Powder Division, France

Contact Info for price inquiry or order

Manual Powder Set SAMES INOCART

Manual powder set SAMES from FRANCE with TEC5 technology that it make better quality of coating and reaching to surface. Include manual spray gun INOGUN-M, INOBOX control unit, CS130 powder pump, 60L Hi-Colo stainless powder hopper and cart.

TEL: 02-322-2495
LINE ID: @romcoating

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